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♦ Polarity Attacks deal fire damage and inflict ignite

Archon Fury Activation Effect

♦ Unleash a shockwave that deals Fire damage.

During Archon Fury

♦ Your attacks have a 65% chance to inflict ignite
♦ +100% damage to Ignited Enemies.
♦  Your attacks deal Fire damage.

Phoenix is a Valorplate in Godfall. Phoenix is a fire-based ValorplateValorplates are Zodiac-inspired suits that empower the player's character by granting various buffs, passive and special abilities. Valorplates are worn as a whole and it isn't divided into armor pieces or such.


The Archon of Rebirth was a favorite symbol of knights who wanted to forge a better world. Her armor was most frequently found among knights-errant or elite warriors with a specific mission.  


Phoenix Information

♦ Phoenix is a fire-based Valorplate that revolves about Igniting Enemies.


Phoenix Augments Nodes

Each Valorplate has 9 Augment Nodes, where an Augment can be fitted to grant different bonuses.  Augments have a power drain rating and your total power drain may not exceed your Valorplate's current Power Capacity.

♦ Unlocks at Level 10: White affinity
♦ Unlocks at Level 15: White affinity
♦ Unlocks at Level 20: White affinity
♦ Unlocks at Level 25: Green affinity
♦ Unlocks at Level 30: Blue affinity
♦ Unlocks at Level 35: Green affinity
♦ Unlocks at Level 40: Green affinity
♦ Unlocks at Level 45: Blue affinity
♦ Unlocks at Level 50: Red affinity


Phoenix Crafting Requirements

♦ 5 Valorplate Core
♦ 50 Infused Jasper


Phoenix Skins

The addition of Skins for Valorplates was added in the Lightbringer Update DLC. Players will need to meet certain requirements in order to unlock the following skins. 









Phoenix Notes & Tips

♦ Notes and tips go here.

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