New Player Help for Godfall covers various information that will help a player understand the basics of the game's mechanics as well as recommended things to do before starting the game. The aim is to help both new and veteran players to further understand the game and to know what it has to offer.


Helpful Links:

♦ Walkthrough: A detailed guide of the game's main story.

Game Progress Route: A small summary about how to approach Godfall

♦ Skills: Explore all the active skills for the different classes.

♦ Controls: Covers the details of the basic layout of the controller for all platforms.

♦ Combat: Provides information on the basic and advanced combat system of Godfall.

♦ Equipment: Lists all available gear players can find throughout the world, as well as craftable gear.

Valorplates: All available Valorplates to choose from and their respective abilities.

Godfall New Player Help



Godfall Concepts

Level Up, Level Cap & Skills

Orin can level up after obtaining a certain amount of Experience Points (or XP), which can be granted by completing Quests or defeating Enemies

Once you level up, you get 1 skill point to spend however you want in the Skill tree. 

The skill tree is a 5x5 square and you can start from either of the corners of the tree and begin working your way inwards.

Each skill can be upgraded up to five times, totaling a number of 125 skill points required to fully upgrade it. However, the level cap in Godfall is 50.

If you feel like your build is not working or want to try some other Skills, you can respec at any time from the skill tree menu. You can do it for free and as many times as you want.

For more information on Skills, you can click here


Valorplates are the armors Orin, the main character, can use to fight Macros's hordes during the game. Each Valorplate has a different ultimate ability, called Archon Fury, and also grants bonuses to certain types of damage or Skills.  

To unlock Valorplates, Orin must gather Resources. These Resources can be found throughout the world of Godfall. There is no such thing as the "best Valorplate", as each one brings out certain aspects of gameplay, meaning you can use the one you find most comfortable in.

For more information on Valorplates, click here.



Weapons are the main source to inflict damage on Enemies and Bosses. There are five weapon types in Godfall:

Dual Blades

Orin can wield two Weapons and switch between them at anytime. There are no restrictions whatsoever in terms of availability. Any weapon can be wielded while using any Valorplate. 

As is the case with Valorplates, there is no particular best type of weapon to wield, as such, you can choose to use the ones that adapt best to your playstyle. Dual Blades, Polearms and Longswords are fast Weapons focusing on single targets, while Greatswords and Warhammers are heavy and slow-hitting Weapons, that can deal with groups of Enemies by dealing huge Area of effect damage. 

For a list of all available weapons in Godfall, click here.

Damage Types & Ailments

There are six types of damage that you can inflict in Godfall. These six types of damage are related to six ailments. Ailments are damage-over-time Effects that can be inflicted when you deal damage to Enemies, You can increase your chance to inflict Ailments through abilities and equipment.

Each type of Ailment can only be inflicted when you deal damage of the type associated with that Ailment.

t icon ailment physical fill 40pxPhysical Damage can inflict t icon ailment bleed 40pxBleed.
t icon ailment fire fill 40pxFire Damage can inflict t icon ailment fire 40pxIgnite.
t icon ailment water fill 40pxWater Damage can inflict t icon ailment cold 40pxChill
t icon ailment earth fill 40px Earth Damage can inflict t icon ailment poison 40pxPoison
t icon ailment air fill 40px Air Damage can inflict t icon ailment overcharge 40pxShock.
t icon ailment void fill 40px Void Damage con inflict t icon ailment void 40pxCurse.

Enemies don't have weaknesses and resistances to the type of damage inflicted upon them, so you can use the one you find most comfortable with.


As you damage an Enemy, you also deal Breach damage. After dealing enough Breach damage to fill the enemy's Breach bar, they become stunned and vulnerable to a Takedown.

  • Heavy Attacks deal increased Breach damage.
  • Different types of Weapons deal different amounts of Breach damage.
  • Breach damage amount is independent of a weapons listed damage amount.


To perform a Deathblow, defeat an enemy by hitting its Weakpoint. Some pieces of equipment will grant you bonuses for performing a Deathblow



Whenever an enemy becomes stunned or is made vulnerable, you can perform a Takedown to deal a large amount of damage. Takedowns can even defeat enemies outright.

  • Takedowns can critically hit.
  • Takedown damage value seems independent of damage value of currently equipped weapon.

Polarity Attack

Unleash your Polarity Attack by swapping Weapons after you have built up enough charge. A Polarity Attack releases a shockwave that damages nearby enemies while simultaneously increasing your Weapon's damage.

  • Charge up your Polarity Attack by hitting Enemies with your weapon. When fully charged, swapping Weapons will unleash a shockwave that damages nearby enemies and boosts your weapon's damage by 20% for 30 seconds.
  • Shockwave damage is increased by Spirit.
  • Swapping weapons will reset your Polarity Attack charge and remove any damage boosts from previous Polarity Attacks.



Land multiple weapon hits in a short period of time to enter Rampage, where you deal 20 % more damage. Lose Rampage if you don't hit an enemy for 10 seconds. Stay in the fray and attack!



Soulshatter is an additional way to deal damage to your opponents.

  • Light attacks and your Northern Technique apply Soulshatter Buildup to the enemy's Health bar.
  • Heavy attacks and your Southern Technique consume all Soulshatter Buildup to deal Soulshatter Damage.
  • To Soulshatter an enemy, defeat the enemy by dealing Soulshatter Damage.

Every Valorian knight learns to affect their opponents' internal Aetherium. As a Valorian strikes their foes, they make small rents in their enemies' spiritual fabric. Then, at the right tactical moment, a powerful strike is delivered that will turn these fractures into a large internal detonation. When performed correctly, this move could utterly destroy a being.



Weakpoints indicate vulnerable hit locations on your enemies. Hit enemy Weakpoints to deal increased damage and knock them down.

  • Weakpoints will only appear under specific circumstances after you unlock them in your Skills.
  • You inflict a Deathblow whenever you defeat an enemy by striking a Weakpoint.


Your Shield is a key part of your arsenal. It has powerful defensive and offensive applications.

  • Block enemy attacks with your Shield to prevent incoming damage.
  • Parry enemy attacks by properly timing your Block to prevent incoming damage and briefly stagger nearby enemies. Parries can also reflect projectiles.
  • Perform a Shield Throw to throw your Shield and hit enemies at range. Shield Throw uses all of your Shield charge.
  • Perform a Petrifying Slam to deal damage to nearby enemies and petrify enemies Breached by the attack. Petrifying Slam uses all of your Shield charge.
  • Shield Bash damages an enemy and knocks it down. 
  • Spinning Blast damages an enemy and can interrupt Red Power Attacks. If your Shield is Primed, this attack will petrify Breached enemies and return your Shield to normal.


One of the core aspects of Godfall, is its loot. Loot in Godfall is randomly generated, meaning that there's no sure way to obtain the same loot by killing the same enemy over and over again. However, you can find the same item more than once, and sometimes even at really different levels. Its rarity and primary effect (If it has) will remain the same, however the values will surely vary.

Items have 5 levels of rarity. The rarity of the item determines the amount of effects it has. 

Common: No effects whatsoever, just the main stats it grants when equipped.
Uncommon: One primary effect, besides the main stats it grants when equipped.
Rare: One primary effect, one random secondary effect and the main stats it grants when equipped. 
Epic: One primary effect, two random secondary effects, and the main stats it grants when equipped
Legendary: One primary effect, three random secondary effects, and the main stats it grants when equipped.

This rarity system applies to Weapons, Banners, Amulets, Charms, Rings, Life Stones and Augments.

Upgrading and Enchanting

In Godfall, there is no crafting per se, you can't create an item from Resources, but you can use, said Resources to upgrade or enchant your Equipment. In order to do so, you need to complete the Story Mission The Godsmith, and interact with the forge in the Sanctum after speaking with Zenun.


Upgrade your gear using Resources up to five times. Each upgrade has a fixed cost depending on the type of equipment. Upgrade boosts the stat the piece of Equipment grants, and at certain levels can also increase the primary effect value and event add a secondary one.


Enchanting your Equipment, takes the rarity up to one level and grants the corresponding number of secondary effects. Common Equipment and Augments can not be enchanted.


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      Some more interesting stuff:
      10 might equals 1 dmg
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      10 Vitality -> 10 HP & 10 possible OverHealth

      Your Shield is the best weapon in the game! use it skill the skill on the bottom left!

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