Builds for Godfall covers a set combination of character equipment, magic, skills, and attributes that define a specific set of playstyle or highlight a certain natural strength of a class or a character. This combination of Weapons and accessories would complement each other to create a cohesive build. This page covers a list of various recommended builds created by the community. These recommended details and items can be swapped out to suit a specific playstyle, or different builds can be trialed until coming across a suitable combination. As players unlock more items, more sets and upgrades can be made for a stronger impact. Build are usually created with the Character's Stats taken into consideration as they change depending on what is equipped. 


Godfall Build Guide

The Status Ailments available in Godfall are Bleed, Poison, Curse, Ignite, Chill and Shock. These Ailments can be affected depending on the equipped Weapons, Accessories, and Augments. The complementary combination of these are what create a good build. They are also affected by the attack used and can stack up, maximizing the build effects that you choose to focus on. With these Stats in mind, focus on an Ailment and damage-type according to preference. Farm Enemies until you have more Items then choose a Classe. To balance these builds out, add weakpoint damage and overhealth to your build as well.

Godfall Status Ailments
  • Bleed: Damage received increased in addition to receiving Damage over Time (physical damage)
  • Poison: Duration of the DoT increased, dealing more damage overall. (earth damage)
  • Curse: Damage dealt by the target is decreased. (void damage)
  • Ignite: DoT duration decreases, but deals much higher amounts of DPS. (fire damage)
  • Chill: Attack and movement speed is slowed with Damage over Time. (water damage)
  • Shock: Target increases incoming Breach damage. (air damage)
Godfall Attributes

The 3 notable Stats and Attributes are MightSpirit and Vitality.

  • Might: Improves your Weapon damage.
    Increases the damage dealt by your normal attacks and combos.
  • Spirit: Improves your Life Stone Recovery and your Ability Damage.
    Increases your ability damage, including damage done by Weapon Techniques, Shield Abilities, and Polarity Attacks. Spirit also increases the amount of Health recovered by Life Stones, and increases Overhealth granted by Banners.
  • Vitality: Improves your max Health.
    Increases your maximum Health, and improves the damage dealt by your Siphon attack.


Class Status Ailments

If choosing to make a build centered around a Status Ailment, the following Classes that revolve around an ailment. With their passive abilities being a 10% chance to inflict their respective ailment that multiplies to a +90% chance during Archon Fury. This is in addition to a 100% damage to the affected enemies that have been affected by the status ailment. Listed below are the Classes, their respective Status Ailment and their Archon Fury Effect. Builds with these passive abilities will complement WeaponsAccessories and Augments that are heavily dependent on enemies that are inflicted with a status ailment.


Class Status Ailment Archon Fury Effect
  • Bulwark: Bleed: Summon 3 Physical Sentinels
  • Mesa: Poison: Unleash a shockwave that deals 48 Earth damage
  • Moebius: Curse:  Summon 3 Void Sentinels
  • Phoenix; Ignite: Unleash a shockwave that deals 48 Fire damage.
  • Typhon: Chill: Summon 3 Water Sentinels
  • Vertigo: Shock: Unleash a shockwave that deals 48 Air damage


Godfall Builds

Phoenix Fire Ignite Build

When starting of your builds, begin with the Items you start with. For example. The Perseverance Dual Blades has the ability to unleash a shockwave that deals Fire damage. This could be paired with the Ignite Ailment while using the Phoenix Valorplate which has an Archon Fury effect that unleash a shock wave with fire damage and does 100% damage to ignited enemies. This combination utilizes fire damage and maximizes its effects during combat, quickly clearing through Enemies and Bosses

Alazkilic, The Fire of Hate is specifically complementary to the Phoenix Valorplate as its primary ability is to make the enemy explode and deals fire damage to nearby enemies when igniting enemies. It also has a chance to inflict Ignite. 


Aegishorn Balance Build

Aegishorn is a great Valorplate to begin with for a balanced build, as he has a great defense mechanic that allows him to take 5% less damage, or 30% less damage during Archon Fury. To balance it out, choose a higher damage Weapon to quickly finish off any opponents.

Any weapon with a high Critical Hit Chance, damage and Weakpoint damage as a secondary effect will be beneficial to this Valorplate. The Vendetta is a great initial option, as its primary is to deal an X% amount of Weakpoint damage, but if you have access to some Legendary weapons with additional secondary effects, Zero would be a great choice , to deal extra physical damage, Voidblade will also deal a significant amount of damage to multiple opponents because a Deathblow would make the enemy explode and deal void damage to others within the vicinity. 

A ring would be a good enhancing accessory. Dawn's Eye Amulet could be equipped to further take advantage of the Aegishorn Archon Fury ability by increasing Archon Fury Speed. Other Amulets with similar effects could also be chosen to replace this one, such as the Sunwave Pendant that also speeds up Archon Fury whenever Soulshatter is used . The Lion Talisman is a Legendary Charm that can be upgraded and highly improves Weapon technique, and speeds up its charge so that it maximizes damage during combat for an increased amount of time as well. 


Bulwark Bleed Build

The Bulwark has a greatpassive that passively grants a 10% chance to inflict Bleed, which increases to 90% during Archon Fury. This also deals 100% damage to Bleeding targets and causes physical damage.

To further enhance the Bleed effect, equip and upgrade the Sword of Dominance to Gain the greater Blessing of Luck whenever you inflict bleed, which is a high chance as a Bulwark

Because of the high odds of the bleed ailment effect, this is great to pair with the Cololaba's Legacy Pendant as it applies the mark of weakness whenever an ailment is inflicted. 

As for rings, any ailment affecting ring would help enhance this build because of the high odds of ailment infliction. the Aspen Band will further damage bleeding enemies during Rampage, but Overhealth would be a great asset to have in this build, so another option would be to equip the Eye of the Dragon as it allows you to gain Overhealth after defeating an ailmetn afflicted enemy. To further add this this effect, the Ram Talisman will apply the mark of fragility whenever an aiilment is inflected, and shield throws now also inflict ailments. Since Ailments do stack, these added affects together will continuously cause stacked damage and Damage over time, easily clearing out multiple opponents. 

The absorption Augments will complement all these effects with an increased percentage of charge speed whenever hitting a weakpoint. This maximizes the chances of bleed effects, and further increases the effectiveness of all other Accessories while under the effect of the Bleed ailment. 


Moebus Curse Build

When building a Curse build with Moebus, the perfect amulet to pair it with is the Sunsteel's Crest as it drains the nemy's strength whenever you hit a crused enemy. After a 90% chance of inflicting Curse on an enemy, you will be utilizing the cursed effect with the amulet's effects. 

To continue utilizing the cured effect, pair it with the Drazkul's Voidhammer as it is directly effected by curse. Whenever you consume Curse, apply the Greater Mark of Weakness that lasts X seconds for each Curse stack consumed. Any other accessories that depend on ailments would also complement this build. Depending if you prefer the Mark of Leeching or the Mark of Fragility, The Crab Talisman and the Ram Talisman will apply one of these marks whenever an ailment has been inflicted. With these Accessories Shield Throws will also inflict these Ailments, further stacking up these effects.

To balance these off, you can either choose the Cosmic Aetherstone for a faster Archon Fury charge speed and damage, increasing the times Archon Fury would pop giving you a 90% chance to inflict your ailment, and making all your other accessory effects more effective, or some people choose to focus on raising their Critical Hit Chance for a chance at a higher damage to enemies witht the Archon's Tear.

For an increase in ailment duration, the Circle of the Damned and the Toxic Ring both carry these effects, but during combat, the Dusk Lord's Signet has proven the most useful as it exposes the weakpoints of your opponents when you inflict an ailment. With this ring, it can be paired with the Ancestral Band, where whenever you hit a weakpoint, you will also gain a charge for your Archon Fury and its charge speed is temporarily sped up. With the second ring equipped, choose the Archon's Tear over the Cosmic Aetherstone to increase crit hit chance instead.


Typhon Chill Build

There are a few directions to approach the chill build. Equipping the Darkstar Crusher Warhammer will further slow enemies by 30% whenever you perform a Weapon Technique but the Azurite Silencer will Restore X Health whenever you defeat a Chilled enemy. If having trouble with the first weapon, players can switch to the Azurite Silencer to see of the health restoratin would help. 

For Accessories, like previous stated build that heavily rely on status ailments continue choosing the Accessoris that involve, effect, are effected by enemies inflicted by the ailment. Otherwise, I recommend the Dusk Lord's Signet again and the Ancestral Band to increase Archon Fury. This time especially will chill that slows down enemies, having an exposed weakpoint will be helpful for you. This time for chill, there will be complementing Amulet to fair with the effect. The Grandmaster's Station will apply the Mark of Weakness whenever you inflict Chill. This time the Hawk Charm will also be available that will grant the blessing of luck whenever inflicting Chill, if you find this is not as effective, stick to the Ram Talisman or the Lion Talisman, to gain Weapon Technique charge or apply the mark of fragility instead.

Some Augments to consider is the Azure Fang and Enchanted Tear which increases the child duration and adds to Archon Fury charge speed.

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