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Godfall Wiki Guide: Everything About Godfall

Godfall Wiki Guide: All Weapons, Armor, Builds, Walkthrough and Guides for Godfall. In Godfall, players will take the role of one of the last remnants of the exalted Knight’s Order. Their main objective is to prevent the impending apocalypse and to preserve whatever is left of their world. The Earth and the Water realms were shown briefly in the teaser trailer, as well as the obelisk that connects them known as the Skybreaker Monolith.

Godfall is designed with co-op functionality in mind, and players can play solo, duo, or through online co-op with up to three players. The game features “hot-join” that lets players join games without needing to queue up and wait, which sounds a lot like Drop-in Drop-out functionality, but let’s wait until they explain it further before we jump to conclusions. All of Godfall’s contents can be played solo or co-op, and is accessible to all players regardless of their stats and level


Godfall Gameplay

Godfall is described as a “looter-slasher”, and it will have a heavy focus on melee combat, but players will also be able to use ranged attacks. Ranged attacks won’t be usable often, and will be limited by timers or cooldowns to keep the focus on the melee side of things. The game is all about close combat action, and players will have two primary melee weapons that they can switch between during battle. Godfall will offer a “wide spectrum” of weapons to choose from, ranging from small quick daggers to big and powerful great swords.

Godfall Features

Players have three character classes to choose from, but they will be able to play all three classes eventually by acquiring and equipping the armor sets of the other classes, meaning the gear you wear will determine your playstyle, sort of like Remnant From the Ashes. Players will collect armor sets called Valorplate which will have slots to insert augments to create different kind of builds and playstyles within that style itself, sort of like a “Subclass”.

Godfall Details

Genre: Action Role-Playing Game
Developed by: Counterplay Games
Published by: Gearbox Publishing
Release date: 12th November 2020
Platforms: PC via Epic Games Store, PlayStation 5, Playstation 4


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