Walkthrough for Godfall features a detailed guide that aims to help get past all the locations and areas, as well as guides on enemy, boss, NPCs, and items that are encountered in the game. This page will mainly focus on providing a detailed walkthrough for the main campaign or story of Godfall. For guides on quests, click here, if you want to check an overview for a recommended progress path, you may visit our Game Progress Route page.


Godfall Walkthrough


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Orin arrives at the Outskirts of the Sunforge Temple to find a weapon that can benefit in taking down Macros. The Prologue section or the Sunforge Temple serves as a tutorial section where players can learn about the basic and advanced controls, as well as combat mechanics. You will navigate through the area, fight enemies, find random loot, and fight aginst a minor and major boss.


General Info.

  • Location: Temple Outskirts
  • Previous: n/a
  • Next: Into the Monolith
  • Bosses: High Lord Phalanxar


NPCs in the area




Equipment & Upgrades

Quest Rewards




Full Prologue Walkthrough

It was all a lie. Macros sold us a vision he never believed in. He would destroy us, we just didn't know it yet. We were warriors, but he turned us against each other. Brother against brother. And despite all the maneuvers and all the strategy, in the end, it was going to be either me or him. Macros was the warrior that day and he left me for dead, but I survived. Macros thinks the war is over, but our fight has just begun.


  • Find the Sunforge Temple Entrance
  • Defeat Phalanxar
  • Investigate the Valorian Cache
  • Equip your new weapon
  • Go deeper into the Sunforge Temple
  • Activate the Sunflare Orb
  • Enter the Portal
  • Defeat Solaris

The First Step

The game begins after the opening cutscene where your first task is to discover the entrace to the Sunforge Temple. This first quest revolves around the tutorial section where you will learn the basic and some advanced mechanics for both movement and combat. First, follow the basic movement controls such as moving around and controlling the camera, move forward and then make a right, going up the steps until you reach the end where a prompt message will appear. This shows you a guide on how to teleport by using a blue active Phase Node.

On the other side, you'll encounter your first enemies which are a couple of Crystal Crawler, this is where you can test out the basic controls for combat. If you feel like killing more of these crawlers to test out the controls, just wait a few seconds, and more Crystal Crawlers will spawn from its nest. Continue forward going up the stairs and you'll arrive at a large room where you'll see an Earth Aberrant. You can easily take out this enemy with a combo of light and heavy attacks - once the single enemy is killed, continue following the path ahead.

Head down the steps where you'll find yourself at an open area where you'll encounter another enemy, the Crimson Swordsworn. If you want to test out your skills in fighting to familiarize yourself, go on ahead and fight the enemy, but you can also just avoid fighting the enemy, if you did go down the stairs, go back up and then turn right, you'll see a blue Phase Node that you can use to teleport to the other side. If you didn't go down the stairs, just turn left by the steps. When you get across, you'll see some gaps, approach it and you'll be prompted a guide to press the corresponding button to jump over gaps. On the other end, there are some enemies that can be easily killed - clear the area and then turn right.

As you move forward, you'll be given another prompt on how to toggle into a sprint. Head up the set of stairs until you see two Earth Aberrant enemies blocking your path. The one at the far end has its back facing you, so if you approach it, by pressing the button indicated on your end, you can execute a takedown which is a combat move that instantly kills an enemy. Continue forward and you'll come across a large arena where you will need to defeat all enemies in order to progress - don't forget that you can evade to avoid getting hit.

Upon clearing the area, a prompt message will appear on how to use Life Stones which is a conusmable item that regenerates your health when used. You currently have three, so you are free to use it if you need or want to, but also keep in mind that any extra green orbs that drop from enemies will restore the number of your Life Stones. Next, head to the archway on the left to continue finding the entrace of the Sunforge Temple, where along the way you will encounter three enemies, x2 Crimson Swordsworn and a Crimson Protector.

Be careful with this encounter since the Crimson Protector will provide buffs to its allies, making them invulnerable against your attacks. This buff is indicated with a blue aura, be sure to focus and kill the Crimson Protector first before shifting your attention towards the two Swordsworn. After clearing the area, go straight and up the stairs to grab the shield. You can now block by pressing the corresponding button. Turn around and go back down, and a Crimson Marksman will spawn at the center. Be ready to put your shield up since this enemy will shoot you - more enemies will then spawn after killing the singular enemy.

When you're done, go through the passage on the right and jump across the gap. On the other side, you'll find more enemies ahead. There are two Crimson Marksman enemies and a Crimson Swordsworn, again, be ready to put your shield up to block the attacks from the marksman. Once you've killed all enemies, go straight ahead and continue up the steps to the right to reach the next area where you'll be given anew guide on how to execute a shield throw.

By now, you have all the basic tools and guides for combat in general, use what you've learned to defeat all the enemies in the area. Be careful of the Crimson Marksman that's positioned on a platform outside of the arena, you can use shield throw to take it down. Once you've killed all enemies, teleport via the blue Phase Node that's above the arena to reach the top. There will be a group of Earth Aberrant enemies here which you will need to kill in order to proceed further.

At the top of the steps, you'll find the Crimson Judicator and you will be given another combat tutorial on Red Power Attacks which are attacks that cannot be blocked or parried. You will need to evade them to avoid getting knocked down and receiving a large amount of damage. Defeat the Crimson Judicator and then open the chest that's on the left side, beside the previously blocked archway - ignore the steps on the right since there's just a pack of Kraven Spawnling enemies, go straight ahead towards the entrance of the Sunforge Temple.

Boss Battle: High Lord Phalanxar

A short cutscene will trigger when you approach the entrance and the first boss will appear, which is the High Lord Phalanxar. This boss moves quite slow and wields a large hammer which makes it easier for you to move around and even read any incoming attacks. Inspite of being able to go around in circles, you will need to watch out for the Red Power Attack which again can only be evaded, not blocked or parried. The majority of his attacks are composed of singular and/or double swings, as well as a leaping attack where he lands with an overhead attack in a vertical direction. Since he carries both a heavy weapon and armor, for each attack, you have a small window to put in a few attacks before he fully recovers.

When you see Phalanxar flash in red, make sure to move away from him since he will release a ring of fire around him. You'll also see that there is a circle on the ground that will glow which indicates the location of where the flames will appear. After Phalanxar executes this attack, the ground will remain engulfed in flames so be sure to not walk towards it or even dodge towards the flames. Do not get greedy, time your attacks right, and be patient.

Occasionally, he also drops green orbs that you can absorb to replenish your HP in case you are running low on Life Stones. Survive and bring his health down to at least 30% to trigger a short cutscene - Phalanaxar will then smash the ground, causing the both of you to fall down into the lower section of the Temple. This temporarily ends the battle against him and you'll find yourself inside the Sunforge Temple.

The Sunforge Temple

After that encounter with the High Lord Phalanxar, you've now arrived at the Sunforge Temple, it's just not how you would expected it, but you've arrived and you will need to work your way to reach the top. Your objective is to further investigate the temple and to find valuable Valorian Cache. Upon gaining control of Orin, turn left and head to the back of the room to find a chest that is being guarded by some Kraven Spawnling. On the right, you'll find another chest that contains a Morphstone, which are unidentified loot that appear in 5 different rarities. At the opposite side, across the large cube, there is another chest there that is guarded by more creatures.

There is a lot of enemies here and chests, so be sure to check every corner as you work your way up by using the stairs and by teleporting via the Phase Nodes until you come across a Bronze Animus. This enemy moves slow so you can attack him in between his attacks, just be careful of his red power attack. Once you've defeated the enemies, head towards the path the goes around the left and defeat the Crimson Judicator, as well as the Crimson Swordsworn before opening the chest at the end - go back to where you fought the Bronze Animus and this time, walk up the stairs that leads through a small door, defeat the enemies and continue forward.

You'll then counter two more Bronze Animus enemies that are guarding the path ahead. Try to lure out one first to avoid fighting two of them. Head down the stairs, straight ahead, and you'll trigger another tutorial on how to use Soulshatter. This combat mechanic allows you to convert a portion of the enemy's HP into building up Soulshatter. To identify this, you will see a white outline that appears on the health bar of the nemey, when you see this, press the corresponding button - in order to continue further make sure to Soulshatter at least three enemies.

Next, head towards the left side of the room to locate another chest and then go towards the circular path that's on the right side around the lava, kill all of the enemies to reach the other side of the room. Now, take out the two Bronze Animus enemies at the end of the path and keep moving further until you reach another room where you will encounter a Crismon Honor Guard at the center. You will be given another prompt on how to parry enemy attacks, where if the parry connects, it will temporarily stun the enemy, giving you a short window to attack or execute a takedown.

After defeating the Honor Guard, you can continue towards the door on the left, or head to the top of the stairs to open the chest. After you decide to grab the chest, continue deeper into the Sunforge Temple as you fight through more enemies. Eventually, you will reach a circular area that has a sunflare orb at the center. Approach it and activate it to trigger a gauntlet, you will need to survive the waves of enemies until the countdown is over (0:45s). Take note that the more enemies you kill, the better the loot you obtain - when this is done, walk through the portal that is at the back of the room to complete this area and to fight against the first official boss.

The Guardian

You'll arrive at the innermost section of the temple where The Guardian resides. Head forward and you'll be prompted another guide regarding Perilous Attacks. Perilous Attacks can be parried which stuns an enemy for a long period of time. However, you must be precise with parrying since blocking this type of attack will stagger you and makes you vulnerable to additional attacks. When you're ready approach the open arena to trigger a cutscene.

This is your first boss fight against The Guardian, Solaris. The battle against Solaris takes place through a relatively straight forward attack pattern, as opposed to certain other Bosses. Solaris is unique in that his health bar protected by a powerful barrier, in which the player must first eradicate before being able to damage him. Fortunately, Solaris' attack pattern remains identical during his shielded and unshielded form.

When fighting Solaris, remain close to him for the majority of the battle. He usually alternates between regular, telegraphed Slash attacks and Laser attacks, and although he is capable of performing a Leap Strike, he will not execute it often as you are already within his proximity. The trade off to this tactic is that you may get his by Solaris' Laser Attack which is executed in a horizontal, sweeping motion, however the damage is not lethal and being able to dish out constant damage, while eliminating his usage of the Leap Attack makes this an effective approach. Throughout the battle, stack up as much damage on Solaris as possible while evading incoming slashes.

The one occasion where you shall back away from Solaris is when he levitates to perform his Laser Barrage Attack. Start running away from him once he levitates to stay out of range of his lasers. Remember never to stay directly below Solaris as that is where foes will receive maximum damage from the lasers. These lasers also leave the ground burning for a few seconds where it lands, so staying out of range and getting some breathing room is the ideal strategy to deal with this attack. If you spot an opportunity, maintain pressure by performing a throw shield strike.

Repeat the cycle by approaching him in melee once again after he lands and damaging him until you finish him off . Once you've defeated Solaris, you'll have Orin remove its eye and absorb its power before the temple starts to collapse - Orin awakens and you'll find yourself in the Sanctum.


Trivia & Notes:

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The Earth Realm

We are heading into the Monolith. Once inside, we won't be coming out until macros is finished. We will arrive in the Earth Realm, the lowest level of the Monolith Interior. Macros has learned how he can use the Monolith to become a god. It is an ancient spell, the Rites of Ascension. This spell can be broken, but only if we know it ourselves. A copy of the Rites of Ascension are stored here, in the Earth's Realm, guarded by Macros' men. You must go to their base and seize the Rites for yourself. bring them back to the Seventh Sanctum and she will find a way to break the spell.


Full Into the Monolith Walkthrough

This is the first official mission that ties to the story of the game. You begin your journey into the Crimson Glades of the Earth Realm where the Seventh Sanctum has asked you to explore the area and to remove the spell that Macros has casted on.


  • Complete Into the Monolith
  • Head to the Monolith
  • Head to the Twilight Beacon
  • Head to the Watchtower
  • Open the Spirit-Bound Chest
  • Defeat Phalanxar's warriors
  • Defeat High Lord Phalanxar
  • Reach the next Twilight Beacon
  • Ascend the Watchtower
  • Return to the Sanctum
  • Complete the Godsmith
  • Destroy 3/3 Totems
  • Reach the stronghold and Prismatic Pools
  • Charge the Sealbreaker
  • Break the Stronghold Seal
  • Survive the Vargul Attack
  • Find the Godsmtih
  • Defeat the Vargul Champion
  • Meet the Godsmith at the Twilight Beacon
  • Speak to Zenun at the Sanctum
  • Use The Forge
  • Collect 6 Earth Sigils
  • Confront Zamora and defeat

Into the Monolith

After you've familiarized yourself within the Sanctum, as well as crafting your first Valorplate, speak to the Seventh Sanctum to accept the quest, and interact with the world map viewer which is at the center of the room. Choose Crimson Glades to begin the quest. Start off by going forward towards the white marker and you'll be prompted a message on how Spirit Vision works, this is an ability that will allow you to highlight points of interest by pressing the left arrow button on the D-pad of your controller.

Keep moving along the path that eventually breaks to the right towards a glowing orange object where you will find a Motherlode that contains Resources (Materials) that can be used to craft new Valorplates. You can obtain an Infused Jasper from the Motherlode by holding down the corresponding button. Head out and across from where you were, there is another clearing that has a codex entry and another Motherlode. From there, go back to the main path towards the quest marker until you reach a bridge that has a green object that's floating - you can use your shield throw here to break it and obtain Sunsteel.

Walk past the bridge and then kill the swarm of Crimson Crawler just before reaching the Twilight Beacon. Clear the area and then approach it and activate it. Once activated, your next objective will update which is to reach the Watchtower. As you follow the waymarker, you will encounter enemies such as Crimson Marksman, Crimson Swordsworn, and Crimson Honor Guard, and eventually a Crimson Defender.

You'll know when you reach the Crimson Defender once you are prompted by another tutorial which is the Breach bar, an enemy's Breach bar is located below their health. By pressing the corresponding button, heavy attacks deal increased breach damage. By filling up the red bar you can stagger it and the enemy becomes open for follow up attacks or a takedown - defeat the enemy, grab the motherlodes around the area and continue towards the quest marker.

You'll eventually reach the Spirit-Bound chest that requires you to break the blue Spirit Tethers in the environment by destroying three of these, it will unlock the Spirit-Bound chest that contains rare items. The first tether is behind the chest, next to the tree. From there, turn left and head towards a Phase Node where you'll see the second tether on the right just by the steps. While the last one is past the Spirit Node, walk up to the small ledge and you’ll see it floating in the sky off to the left. You can use shiled throw to break it - return to the Spirit-Bound chest, open it, and then continue heading to the watchtower.

Reach the Watchtower

The path here is quite linear so all you need to to do is reach the Watchtower where you'll be stopped by the High Lord Phalanxar, he is the boss you encountered earlier during the prologue. Simply defeat this boss for the second time to progress the objective. Luckily he still has the same moves during your first encounter, so just be careful and still be alert for those Red Glowing attacks. The only difference this time is that Phalanxar has minions with him that fight alongside.

  • Phase 1: Suited in full heavy armor and equipped with a gigantic two-handed mace, Phalanxar is a tanky, yet somewhat unwieldy enemy. He will begin the fight by performing a slow charge towards you, then swinging his mace at you in a fairly telegraphed motion. Simply move out of range, and counter strike him right after his swing misses you. Employ this tactic repeatedly, as Phalanxar's swings are quite slow and easy to spot, and he takes time to recover in between each swing. However, do watch out for his Power and Perilous attack when staying close to him, as he will use those two attacks suddenly in quick succession, executing two diagonal downward slashes swiftly.
  • Phase 2: Once Phalaxar is at around 75% health, he will remain stagnant as he charges up a red ball of fire energy before releasing it, causing a rippling explosion of blazing flames that ignites the ground below him in a large radius. Though powerful, this attack can be easily avoided by running out of range while he is charging it up. To follow up, Phalanxar will then perform a leap attack towards you, and land as he brutally smashes his mace onto you, inflicting high damage and knocking you down. Once you recover, he will quickly dash back, then dash towards you twice, wacking you with his heavy mace at the end of each dash. To avoid this, evade sideways as he leaps towards you, and evade twice backwards as he dashes to you.  Continue to land strikes onto him to chunk his health in between his attacks.
  • Phase 3: At around 50% health, Phalaxar will hold you up with one hand before slamming you onto the ground, stunning you momentarily. He will then follow up by charging up a ball of red energy yet again, then releasing it to cause the ground around him to burst into blazing flames. The rest of the fight will remain largely the same, as Phalanxar will continue his onslaught with an identical attack pattern as phase 2. Continue to time your attacks as in between his strikes to eventually defeat him in battle.

Once Phalanxar is defeated, approach him and execute him with a takedown move and he will drop the Rites of Ascension. Grab it and then open the chest nearby. Simply head to the quest marker towards a river, and then turn right leading to an archway. Head up the steps to reach the next Twilight Beacon and activate it - from there, you can return to the Sanctum to start the next quest.

The Godsmith

You are now tasked by the Seventh Sanctum to help recover the Godsmith who can assist you in crafting your equipment that is needed in defeating Macros and his army. The Vargul are holding him captive on the other side of Crimson Glades. Head to the Vargul's Stronghold, breach their defenses, and rescue the Godsmith. You will need to return back to the Crismon Glades and to first, destroy three totems. Upon arriving, turn around and pick up the Motherlode that is behind you, from there, follow the waymarker/s to find the first totem. Take note that waves of enemies will spawn here as you try to destroy the totem, so be cautious.

The Vargul Stronghold

After destroying all three totems, your objective will change and you will need to reach the Vargul Stronghold, as well as the Prismatic Pools. Upon reaching the pools, you will need to charge the dealbreaker that can be done by defeating waves of enemies. Once you've cleared the first wave, break the totem to begin charging it.  As you defeat and clear waves of enemies, a totem will reappear and you will need to break it in order to charge it - you will need to gather at least 100% to progress.

Once it is fully charged, you will now need to break the Stronghold Seal. Head towards the waymarker which is the entrance of the stronghold, approach it and hold down the corresponding button to break the seal to enter the stronghold. As soon as you enter and head forward, reinforcements of Vargul will come and attack you, and you will need to survive the attack in order to continue forward.

Eventually, when you are nearing the location of the Godsmith, you will fight against an elite enemy, the Vargul Champion. The Vargul Champion moves slow just like the Phalanxar boss, most of the Vargul Champion attacks consist of a sweeping move from his weapon and each time he attacks, it will telegraph his moves, giving you time to react with either parrying or evading the incoming attack. If he glows blue, you can parry the Perilous attack so that you can stun him, but he also can glow Red which means the attack can only be evaded. Once his HP drops down to about 40-30%, two Vargul Shaman enemies will spawn. When this happens, quickly take out the two reinforcements first so that you can focus on taking out the Champion - once his HP drops to 0, approach the elite enemy to execute a finisher and grab all the loot he drops.

After the battle, go up the steps ahead and meet the Godsmith, Zenun, who's at the Twlight Beacon. Speak to him, activate the Twilight Beacon, and return to the Sacntum where you'll now gain access to The Forge. Back at the Sacntum, make sure to speak to Zenun, interact with The Forge and then speak to the Seventh Sanctum to start your next quest which is to gather Earth Sigils in order to face Zamora The Far-Seeing. You can simply travel around the earth realm, partake in side quests or hunt quests to collect a total of 6 earth sigils - once you have all 6, you can then face Zamora.

Boss Battle: Zamora the Far-Seeing

Zamora can be found at Prismatic Falls and the only way you can fight him is once you've collected 6 Earth Sigils. You can find a guide below on how to defeat Zamora. This quest simply focuses on fighting against the boss, once you've successfully defeated Zamora, you'll return to the Sanctum and ascend to the next realm which is the Water Realm.

  • Phase 1: Before the battle begins, be ready for the end of the cutscene. Once it ends, prepare to dodge away from the large purple bubble that Zamora will fire at you. This bubble is one of the most frequent basic attacks that Zamora will repeat throughout the fight, so make sure to get proficient at gauging its speed and timing to evade them consistently. Zamora will then proceed to shoot a beam of smaller purple spheres in horizontal patterns. Maintain a good distance to give yourself time to evade these consecutive projectiles, and spot the "spaces" in between each orb to pass through them as you attempt to approach Zamora in close range.
  • The core strategy when fighting Zamora during this phase is to steadily confront her while dodging past the projectiles she throw at you. A highly proficient distance fighter, Zamora is weak to melee as she has little defenses. However, since she will teleport after receiving a few hits, the battle will go down in the fashion of a constant chase.
  • Therefore, once in melee, dish out as much damage as quickly as possible, and once she teleports away, swiftly clear the crystal voidlings that her portal leaves behind before looking for her then closing the gap to damage her again. Repeat this process until roughly one thirds of her health bar is reduced.
  • Phase 2: Once Zamora's health has been chunked down to around 70%, she will automatically deploy a purple shield to protect herself. Charge in and strike the shield with consecutive, rapid hits to destroy it, but be ready to evade backwards right when it breaks as it will explode and deal damage. Once the shield is destroyed, Zamora will employ a new attack move where she will conjure a cloud of purple energy above, in which tracking purple orbs will be periodically fired at you. Continuously run away from the orbs around Zamora, simultaneously landing hits on her. Orbs that successfully hit you deal damage over time.
  • One attack to watch out for during this phase is Zamora's grab and slam attack. When running around Zamora, she may execute a power attack where she will seize you, lift you up then throw you onto the ground to inflict massive burst damage. Be sure to keep an eye on her while you move around to be sure not to get caught.
  • Phase 3: The last phase of the fight will begin when Zamora's health is depleted to around 30%. In addition to her attacks from the previous phase, Zamora will also execute a move where she will blink blue, summon a portal then teleport to your location to strike you. Watch out for the telegraphed blue glow right before she performs this attack to parry it in time, which will stun her instead. Use this window of opportunity to deal solid damage to her, and repeat this, along with steps from phase 2, to defeat Zamora.




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Trivia & Notes:

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The Water Realm

Lunara resides beneath the Luminous Shelter - but we can't get to her yet. Macros has placed an impenetrable barrier over the entire area. Before we can battle Lunara, we'll need to take it down. I've detected that something in a nearby stronghold, controlled by the monstrous Abyssians, is protecting this barrier. Infiltrate the Tormentor's Asylum and find a way to take down Macros's defensive barrier.


General Info.

  • Location: Water Realm
  • Previous: Into the Monolith
  • Next: Shrine of the Godsmith
  • Bosses: Lunara


NPCs in the area




Equipment & Upgrades

Quest Rewards




Full The Tormentor's Asylum Walkthrough

You've ascended into the Water Realm where your first task is to explore the Tormentor's Asylum, here, you will find Aetherium resources, enemies that are empowered by the water element called the Abyssians, and encounter guardians that protect this realm. You must find a way to break the barrier of the Luminous Shelter that protects Lunara.


  • Complete The Tormentor's Asylum
  • Head to The Tormentor's Asylum
  • Hunt for Aetherium Resources
  • Unseal the Asylum Gate
  • Investigate The Tormentor's Asylum
  • Destroy the Statues
  • Defeat Thraex
  • Collect 10 Earth Sigils
  • Collect 10 Water Sigils
  • Locate the Lunar Gate
  • Survive the Blacktide Ambush
  • Destroy the Spirit Tethers (3/3)
  • Defeat the Black Tide Enforcer
  • Reach the Twilight Beacon

The Tormentor's Asylum

This mission becomes available once you've ascended the tower into the Water Realm. You'll start off back at the Sanctum, speak to the Seventh Sanctum to accept the mission and then interact with the realm map navigator at the center of the hub and travel to Cobalt Caldera. Upon arriving, head towards the quest marker and teleport via the Phase Node that's above you, keep moving forward until you reach an open arena where you'll encounter a new type of enemy, the Water Aberrant and an Abyssian Spitter that appears later. The spitter type enemy shoots bubbles at you that causes water damage but this can be blocked or deflected back to the enemy with your shield.

Nextr, head up a ramp that's on the right side where you can find a chest, as well as two Motherlodes. Go back down the arena where you previously fought the enemies and continue following the quest marker. Along the way, there will be more enemies. You can continue going straight towards the marked objective, or, you can take a detour on the east side to find a Spirit-Bound Chest.

You will need to find three Spirit Tethers in order to unlock the rare chest. For the first Spirit Tether, it is across the chest, overlooking the area below, the second tether is above to the left near an orange tree, while the third key is along the main quest objective. When you reach a large cylindrical form, go right, facing the wall, and look up. If you walk back a little, you will spot a phase node. Teleport to reach the top to find the third tether, as well as a Valorplate Core - go back to the Spirit-Bound chest to open it and then continue moving towards the marked objective where you'll come across another arena where groups of enemies will appear.

When you are near the Asylum, you will encounter more enemies such as the Abyssian Lancer, Abyssian Spitter, as well as the Abyssian Corruptor, and Abyssian Builder. Taking out the Spitter first will help you in taking out the enemies easily since you are eliminating the enemy that can attack from afar. After you've cleared the area, approach the asylum's entrance and you'll find that it is protected by a seal - you will need to gather Aetherium Resources in order to break it.

The Seventh Sanctum tells you that she can shatter it provided that you gather enough energy for her. Lucky for you, there are Aetherium Resources nearby, all you need to do is follow the markers, defeat the enemies that are around, kill the (special) Chitonae enemies to gather Aetherium, and then return to the seal of the asyluym's entrance and break it.

Investigate The Tormentor's Asylum

Once the seal is broken, go through the corridor and then tourn left where you'll find a room where a set of statues is positioned into a circle. Approach it and start attacking it, you will need to destroy a total of 16 statues in order to proceed further. It won't be that easy since a large statue will begin to reanimate the statues and will fight back. Regardless of this, you will still need to defeat it and break the statue. Make sure that you loot the chest that's on a small platform to the left side of the room before leaving, once you've destroyed all statues.

Upon destroying the statues, a large door will open that contains a room that has another large statue in the middle. Check the left side of the entrance to find a ruined area that has another statue where you can find a Valorplate Core. While in the main room is another Spirit-Bound Chest. You can find a key that's floating on the left side of the entrance, the second one is outside where a body is lying, hanging on the mouth of a serpent, while the other tether is outside the destroyed exit behind the large statue. Once you've destroyed all three tethers, return to the rare chest, open it, and then go back to the main objective marker which leads you into another room where there are more statues formed in a circle.

Elite Enemy: Thraex

Just like earlier, you will need to destroy these statues, as well as the reanimated ones in order to proceed. Again, there are 16 statues you will need to destroy. Upon doing so, the Seventh Sanctum warns you that something has awoken. Go back to main hallway and you'll find the third door has now opened. Enter the room and you will trigger a battle against Thraex, an elite enemy and a prisoner within the sacntum. This enemy is weak against water-based attacks, so make sure you are wielding a weapon that is imbued with the element of water.

When you enter the room, Thraex will leap forward with a Red Glowing Attack, make sure to evade this. He will also spray flames at you from his mouth like a flamethrower, which also leaves fire on the ground which causes damage if you are caught in it or accidentally walk through it. Thraex can also cause the ground to erupt with flames if it starts to raise both arms and slams it on the ground, you will need to keep moving in this battle, as well as keeping a safe distance to avoid those pesky flames.

Once his HP drops at around 30%, it will start to shoot a fire laser beam and uses it to sweep across the room. Keep moving away from it and wait for it to finish, Thraex will then occasionally use Perilous Attacks which are the ones that flash in blue color, if you time your blocks perfectly to parry, upi cam stun the beast and follow-up with attacks. Simply defeat Thraex, loot the items that drops, and then follow the new waymarker that takes you to a Twilight Beacon that you need to activate - upon activating it, you will return to the Sanctum and take on the next quest which requires you to collect 10 Earth Sigils and 10 Water Sigils before you can fight Lunara, and in order to collect these Sigils, you will need to participate in completing side missions that rewards the said sigils.

The Black Tide

Once you've collected all sigils, before facing Lunara, you will need to find and fight the Blacktide Army since they are now using Spirit Tethers to fortify Lunara's post. The area you need to go to is Cobalt Caldera, simply head to the marked locations to destroy the spirit tethers while fighting the Blacktide Army. Once you've destroyed all three, return tot he Lunar Gate and defeat the Black Tide Enforcer elite enemy - upon defeating it, reach the Twilight Beacon, activate it, return to the Sanctum and partake in the quest of facing Lunara

The Silver Moon

For this quest, it mainly focuses on confronting and battling against Lunara. She is the third boss you've encountered in your journey. In order to ascend into the next realm, you will need to defeat Lunara first, return to the Sanctum, and complete the Tower of Trial in order to ascend to the Air Realm. Listed below is a guide on how to fight Lunara:

  • Phase 1: Lunara will first initiate the fight by performing charge attacks with her giant sword and shield. Although the charges are fairly fast, they are executed in a linear fashion, thereby allowing the player to avoid them by evading sideways. After a period of time, Lunara will spawn orbiting Moon Spheres around herself, then proceed to successively fire them at you. You may choose to avoid getting hit by simply dodging, however it is recommended to parry these orbs instead as they will bounce back at Lunara to effectively counter damage her. As the fight continues, Lunara will summon spectral shades to aid her in battle.
  • These spiritual entities will approach you to attack you, and are completely invulnerable to physical damage except for the split second after they initiate a hit on you, where they become tangible. Prioritize eliminating these minions first as they would become a constant nuisance and their damage can really stack up. As phase 1 nears towards the end Lunara will gradually expand her orbiting Moon Orbs by spawning an additional belt around her. Continue to evade these orbs as you attack Lunara as coming in contact with them instantly deal damage and knock you back for several seconds.
  • Phase 2: The official sign of the beginning of Phase 2 is characterized by Lunara once again conjuring a new circle of Moon Orbs around herself, which do not orbit but will be fired out in quick succession at you. To avoid these, you may either dodge sideways or follow Lunara and position yourself to be in between any two of these orbs so that they will never cross paths with you when fired. If possible, destroy these spheres as quickly as possible as some of them may be fired out and then transformed into Dark Moon Shades.
  • During this phase, Lunara will perform a new attack here she will deal heavy damage in melee by first slaming her shield, then her sword down onto you. Maintain distance, and if applicable, identify her weakpoints as they appear and focus damaging them. Another powerful move that Lunara will execute is an AOE attack, where she will summon a glowing, purple Luna Symbol on the arena, which will, after a brief moment, stun and knock up all units caught within, leaving them vulnerable to heavy attack combos for a few seconds. It is important to evade backward and out of the symbol's radius as swiftly as possible to avoid being left open to Lunara's brutal onslaught.
  • Lastly, Lunara will execute a fast, devastating dash attack. This attack can  be hard to avoid, however it is telegraphed as Lunara will briefly glow blue before charging, allow you to parry at the right moment which will leave her stunned instead. Once Lunara's health bar has been emptied, simply finish her off by holding down R3.




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The Air Realm

Grieves Sunsteel's lair is somewhere below the Shrine of the Godsmiths on the other side of the Azure Enclave. The land is held by local warbands of the Nyak Kindered. They are hostile and will attack on sight. Head to the Shrine of the Godsmiths and find the entrance to Grieves Sunsteel's forge.


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Full Shrine of the Godsmiths Walkthrough

You've ascended into the Air Realm and are now tasked to find the Shrine of the Godsmiths located in the Azure Enclave. Find a way to enter the Godsmith's Shrine and take out Grieves Sunsteel before making your final ascent to where Macros is.


  • Find the Shrine
  • Defeat the Nyak Champions
  • Defeat the Sunflare Ravager
  • Find Grieves Sunsteel
  • Locate the gate
  • Head to the Twilight Beacon
  • Unseal the the Twilight Beacon
  • Collect 10 Air Sigils
  • Face Grieves Sunsteel
  • Reach the Crucible of Souls
  • Find the Black Tide Officer

Find the Shrine

You'll arrive at the Azure Enclave of the Air Realm where you will need to locate the Godsmith's Shrine. This only becomes available once you've successfully ascended the Tower of Trials, coming from the Water Realm. SMake sure to speak to the Seventh Sanctum back at the Sanctum hub and travel to Azure Enclave. Upon arriving, you will be fighting warriors of the Nyak tribe. Your goal is to fight all Nyak Defenders as you make your way towards the shrine. The path here is pretty much linear and you will just have to fight your way through, you can also make a detour and search other parts of the location to find chests and loot, but it is up to you.

Eventually, you will reach an arena where you will fight against an elite enemy, the Sunflare Ravager. As soon as you enter, the beast will conjure the elemt of air and use it to its advantage to cover the surroundings with sand, making it difficult for you to see. Keep moving around and better to use a Polearm weapon against it so that you can attack at a safe distance. This beast also has unblockable attacks that glow red, so be ready to dodge backward to avoid its leaping attack. Sometimes, it will also summon a ball of lightning that remains at place and if you get in contact with it deals damage and stuns you. Defeat the beast and pick up the loot it drops.

Make your way to the gate and once you find it, you will need to unseal the Twilight Beacon and activate it in order to complete this quest. When it's done travel back to the Sanctum and speak to Seventh Sanctum. Although you have found Sunsteel's forge, you will need to collect 10 Air Sigil in order to reach his forge. You can do so by completing side missions like Hunt Missions and Unique Missions within the Air Realm.

Boss Battle: Grieves Sunsteel

Grieves Sunsteel's forge becomes available once you've collected a total of 10 Air Sigils. For this quest, it mainly focuses on confronting and battling against the Godsmith Grieves, simply defeat the boss to progress the story. He is the fourth boss you've encountered in your journey. Listed below is a guide on how to fight Grieves Sunsteel:

  • Phase 1: Grieves wields a massive war hammer and a blacksmith's bucket. In the beginning of the battle, Grieves will charge at you before proceeding to perform a smash attack with his hammer, which will emit flame waves from the impact with the ground. Be sure to avoid the AOE flames' damage by evading backwards. Additionally, Grieves will also use his Perilous Attack, where he will glow blue momentarily before he charges at you in full-speed. Watch out for the blue glow to prepare for the incoming charge and parry the attack, which will knock Grieves back and stun him. Take this window of opportunity to inflict as much damage as possible.
  • Phase 2: At around 75% health, Grieves will cover a large portion of the battleground in scorching flames, constricting the arena into a smaller zone for you, while he can transverse through the fire as he wishes. Bait him out from the flames and continuously land hits on him, while evading hammer strikes and fireballs that he will launch at you. These fireballs deal additional DoT burn damage after successful hits, so be sure not to receive consecutive damage from multiple fireballs as the burn damage can rack up quickly.
  • During this stage, Grieves will intermittently spawn his minions, Flameblood Servitors to fight by his side. These firey monsters will travel towards you steadily before bursting into flames and leaving behind a pool of lava, which stacks up into potentially massive damage if you take the full duration of the explosion and lava's burning. As such, make sure to eliminate them before they have a change to self detonate.
  • Phase 3: Once Grieves' health is depleted beyond 50%, he will light up yet another large portion of the battlefield in flames, suffocating you in an even more compact area. Flameblood Servitors will spawn even more frequently, therefore prioritize your attacks on eliminating them first.
  • In this stage, trading blows with Grieves in melee poses a much higher risk, as he can execute a Power Attack where he will blink red, before taking hold of you and tossing you onto the ground, then mercilessly pouring molten lava over you. This savage attack will chunk your health down severely (possibly kill you) the molten lava will apply devastating burning DoT damage. Be cautious of the red glow when kiting around Grieves in close range to deal damage.
  • Phase 4: The last phase of the fight will take place when Grieves' health is down to about 25%. Most of the arena will then be burning in hellfire, rendering basic navigation ineffective. However, other than that his attacks remain largely the same, apart from an even more frequent spawning of the Flameblood Servitors. Again, prioritize taking them down first, and evade fireballs since they cannot be blocked. Finish Grieves off when his health bar has been fully depleted.

Trial of the Crucible

Upon defeating Grieves Sunsteel, you will return to the Sanctum. There is only one defender left, and that is the Gilden Commander. Before travelling back to the Azure Enclave, speak to the Seventh Sanctum and Zenun. Your next task will be to fight your way through the caverns, to break the Black Tide's defenses, and to locate the gate to the Crucible of Souls. You will be fighting the forces of the Black Tide here so make sure to equip your strongest weapon and accessories. Reach the Crucible of Souls, activate the twilight beacon, and defeat the Gilden Commander before you can finally reach Macros.

Boss Battle: Gilden Commander

Below, you can find strategies on how to defeat the Gilden Commander.

  • Phase 1: The Gilden Commander will begin the battle by calling upon two spirits to protect as passive protection. These spirits periodically provide the Commander with damage immunity by tethering themselves to him, causing him to illuminate in a blue glow. With these two spectral beings in the way, it is difficult to deal meaningful damage to the Gilden Commander, so focus on taking them down first.

  • Once you have eliminated the spirits, confront the Gilden Commander and burst him with melee damage.  As he swings his sword at you, try your best to block or parry his attacks. If you notice the Gilden Commander blink blue for a second, parry the incoming Perilous Attack to briefly stun him, then take the chance to deal some solid damage to him. However, if you notice the Gilden commander flash red suddenly, prepare to evade as his Power Attack is devastating and cannot be blocked.

  • Phase 2: Once you have reduced his health down to roughly 70%, the Gilden Commander will summon Air Ripplers over various parts of the battlefield. These minions can create a powerful distorting bubble on the ground, which drastically slows down the movement speed of all targets within. Be sure not to enter these fields when fighting the Gilden Commander if possible. Prioritize destroying the Air Ripplers before they cast their air bubbles, as they can be an highly disorienting obstacle once they are deployed. Thereafter, continue to fight the Gilden Commander as per phase 1.

  • Phase 3: By the time the Gilden Commander's health reaches 30%, he will summon two protective spirits in combination with a bunch of Air Ripplers this time. Again, prioritize the Air Ripplers and take them down as quickly as possible to minimize the deployed air distortion fields on the arena. Then, proceed to destroy the spirits before finally finishing the Gilden Commander off by doubling down on front loading damage, while avoiding his Perilous and Power Attacks as with previous phases.

The Final Ascent

You will now embark on the Final Ascent which is at Central Tower  where you will be fighting waves of enemies before reaching Macros himself. it is quite a long fight here and most of the enemies you've encountered previously will spawn and try to stop you. So give it everything you've got to ascend. Listed below is a strategy guide on how to defeat Macros:

  • Phase 1: Macros is a fast and nimble in combat, utilizing primarily teleportation to quickly blink to his foe and attacking abruptly. Macros will initiate the battle by first teleporting to you, and then swiftly calling down a lightning bolt to strike down from above, damaging and knocking back foes in front of him. Prepare to parry once the cutscene before the fight ends, then attack his weakpoints once they are revealed. As Macros continue to regularly blink around the arena then suddenly towards you, be weary of his teleportation itself as every time he jumps locations, he will release a burst of flames around himself, which also causes damage. Shortly after his initial lightning attack, Macros will emit a cluster of horizontal lasers from his blade. Evade past them and approach him in melee to inflict damage.
  • When trading blows with Macros up close, keep a constant eye out for his Power Attack, which will cause him to glow red. Macros will charge up his sword by infusing it with blazing fire before impaling foes in front of him, dealing unblockable damage and knocking you back. This will then leave you vulnerable to his Perilous Attack, where he will briefly glow blue before charging forward to perform an uppercut slash at his target, dealing heavy damage. Therefore, be sure to evade the Power Attack, then parry the Perilous Attack to reverse stun Macros, in order to get some damage in while he is vulnerable. Continue to cautiously chase him as he blinks away.
  • Phase 2: After draining approximately 25% of his health, Macros will suspend himself in mid air and project purple energy orbs at you in quick succession. Block these attacks with your shield, or evade them when applicable. Before Macros descends from above, he will finish his attack with one large purple sphere, so anticipate it and avoid it with a side dodge. Macros will then swap into a pole-arm war hammer. Once he equips this heavy weapon, Macros will teleport less frequently, but will execute AOE attacks by slamming his hammer onto the ground.
  • Watch out for his Power Attack in this form, as he will slam the ground as usual after flashing red, but the slams will leave behind a large, unblockable radius of molten lava on the ground, which knocks you down, then leaves you vulnerable to the additional burn damage.  It is crucial to dodge his power attack in this form as the crowd control coupled with the burning lava deals huge damage. Therefore, time your parry to block his basic attacks, and save evades for when he charges up his Power Attack with fire energy. As Marcros takes a brief moment to perform each swing, try to time your attacks and get a few slashes in in between each basic attack. Repeat this pattern until the next phase.
  • Phase 3: Once you get Macros beyond 50%, he will start combining his attacks from before by switching between his sword and war hammer. Additionally, his war hammer power attack will occasionally erupt a trail of molten lava circles that bursts forward, possibly reaching the ground beneath you if you are not far away. Hence, during this phase, maintain a little more distance from Macros if you notice his red glow before he performs his war hammer power attack. Continue fight him and get slashes in as per the previous 2 phases, since he will be utilizing a general combination of the same attacks. Maintain constant pressure, keep landing slashes in in between his hammer strikes to eventually fully deplete Macros' health bar and defeat him in battle.




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