Shield in Godfall is equipment used for protection and for attacking Enemies and Bosses, but also as a tool to destroy or reach certain objects that are far away from you. Your Shield can be used alongside any type of Weapon, not only with one-handed ones. 

The shield is a core part of Godfall since you can use it as an offensive or defensive tool, depending on the situation you are in. 

Normally used to block incoming attacks, it can also be used to parry an enemy's attack which will allow you to counterattack or even execute a "Shield Strike" attack which is a shield bash attack that temporarily stuns the enemy, apart from that you can also throw the shield that can hit multiple Enemies

Shield Abilities

  • Block enemy attacks with your Shield to prevent incoming damage.
  • Parry enemy attacks by properly timing your Block to prevent incoming damage and briefly stagger nearby enemies. Parries can also reflect projectiles.
  • Perform a Shield Throw to throw your Shield and hit enemies at range. Shield Throw uses all of your Shield charge.
  • Perform a Petrifying Slam to deal damage to nearby enemies and petrify enemies Breached by the attack. Petrifying Slam uses all of your Shield charge.
  • Shield Bash damages an enemy and knocks it down. 
  • Spinning Blast damages an enemy and can interrupt Red Power Attacks. If your Shield is Primed, this attack will petrify Breached enemies and return your Shield to normal.

Although you can only use one Shield throughout your whole journey in Godfall and there's no way of changing it for another one, you can change its look by applying Cosmetics.

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