Stats for Godfall features information for the various attributes and numerical values that determine the efficiency of each playable Class. Stats may vary depending on the Items and Armor that a character has equipped. Stats can be prioritized to best suit the playstyle of each person. Stats in Godfall also increase as the characters progress and collect more items and Boons while completeing throughout the game. The Tower of Trials is an example location where boons are offered to help benefit players on their progress up the levels. Boons in the Tower of Trials are only valid till the trials end. 

Godfall Stats


Status Ailments

  • Bleed: Damage received increased in addition to receiving Damage over Time (physical damage)
  • Poison: Duration of the DoT increased, dealing more damage overall. (earth damage)
  • Curse: Damage dealt by the target is decreased. (void damage)
  • Ignite: DoT duration decreases, but deals much higher amounts of DPS. (fire damage)
  • Chill: Attack and movement speed is slowed with Damage over Time. (water damage)
  • Shock: Target increases incoming Breach damage. (air damage)



Might, Spirit, and Vitality determine your effectiveness in combat. These attributes increase as you level up, and can be enhanced by your equipment.

might boon stat godfall wiki guide 300px min

Improves your Weapon damage.
Increases the damage dealt by your normal attacks and combos.

vitality boon stat godfall wiki guide 300px min

Improves your max Health.
Increases your maximum Health, and improves the damage dealt by your Siphon attack.

spirit boon stat godfall wiki guide 300px min

Improves your Life Stone Recovery and your Ability Damage.
Increases your ability damage, including damage done by Weapon Techniques, Shield Abilities, and Polarity Attacks. Spirit also increases the amount of Health recovered by Life Stones, and increases Overhealth granted by Banners.



Combat Stats

crit chance skill icon godfall wiki guide 75px
Critical Hit Chance

Statistical chances of dealing a high damge Critical hit when dealing attacks


crit damage skill icon godfall wiki guide 75px
Critical Hit Bonus Damage

Additional Bonus Damage when dealing a Critical Hit


weakpoints skill icon godfall wiki guide 75px
Weakpoint Bonus Damage

Allows players to deal additional damage when targeting enemy Weakpoints

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