Equipment for Godfall feature categories that involve the various arsenal that is used in and out of battle in the game. These may vary from Armor Sets & Pieces, various Weapons, Spells, Crafting, and Items. Players can find guides on how to obtain the various equipment and to learn about each of its statistical value by checking each category linked below.


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    • As of the time of writing this post, if your edition of the game includes codes for any extra gear. Do not use the code if you don't like cluttered inventory.
      All items obtained through codes, like pre-order and ascension edition codes, cannot be deleted or upgraded and there is no storage chest to offload unwanted items into meaning you'll have this low level filler garbage stuck in your inventory forever, or until the developer decides to add the option to delete them, which seems unlikely considering the ineptness with which the rest of the product was handled.

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