Effects in Godfall are bonuses or penalties that affect a character for a certain amount of time. Effects can be obtainable from Weapons, Valorplates, Accessories or Skills, as well as from the attacks of Enemies and Bosses. They range from having bonus health to inflicting much more damage or reducing incoming damage. 


All Effects in Godfall


Blessings are temporary enhancements to your abilities that can be gained through skill and items.

  • Blessing of Power: Increase damage dealt.
  • Blessing of Endurance: Reduce damage taken.
  • Blessing of Luck: Increase Critical Hit chance
  • Blessing of Infusion: Increase chance to inflict Ailment


You can also gain Greater Blessings, stronger versions of the original Blessings. A Greater Blessing will replace a basic Blessing of the same type.



Some items and abilities allow you to Blind nearby Enemies.

  • Blinded Enemies are temporarily stunned.
  • Blind affects all Enemies nearby.
  • Not all Enemies can be Blinded



Marks are temporary detrimental effects that can be applied to Enemies.

  • Mark of Fragility: Increase damage dealt to the Marked enemy.
  • Mark of Weakness: The Marked enemy deals less damage.
  • Mark of Leeching: Restore Health whenever you hit the Marked enemy.


Overhealth is temporary bonus Health the player can gain from their abilities and equipment.

  • Incoming damage depletes your Overhealth first, before you regular Health.
  • Overhealth degenerates over time.
  • The maximum amount of Overhealth you can gain is equal to your maximum Health.



When an enemy is put into Stasis, they are temporarily incapacitated.

  • Enemies in Stasis, cannot move or attack.
  • Stasis is removed if the enemy is damage.
  • Not all Enemies can be put into Stasis.



Ailments are damage-over-time Effects that can be inflicted when you deal damage to Enemies, You can increase your chance to inflict Ailments through abilities and equipment.

Each type of Ailment can only be inflicted when you deal damage of the type associated with that Ailment.

t icon ailment physical fill 40pxPhysical Damage can inflict t icon ailment bleed 40pxBleed.
t icon ailment fire fill 40pxFire Damage can inflict t icon ailment fire 40pxIgnite.
t icon ailment water fill 40pxWater Damage can inflict t icon ailment cold 40pxChill.
t icon ailment earth fill 40px Earth Damage can inflict t icon ailment poison 40pxPoison
t icon ailment air fill 40px Air Damage can inflict t icon ailment overcharge 40pxShock.
t icon ailment void fill 40px Void Damage can inflict t icon ailment void 40pxCurse.


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      do enemies in godfall have elemental weakness for exampel do fire enemies take more damge from water wepons

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        I wish we had banes here, that way I know which banes to stay away from. I haven't been able to find info on them anywhere.

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          Blessings sound nice but would be even more nice if devs quantify the amount of the buff.. how many crit i earn, i many reduce damage ecc..

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