Combat for Godfall focuses on the basic and advanced combat mechanics of the game. Each class in the game has its unique style of combat and associated actions that you can execute. This page covers information regarding combat in general and also individual mechanics for each class.


Combat in Godfall


Previously ailments had been associated to a type of damage. These ailment effects have since been revamped and modified. Their previous associated damage is still listed below. 

Godfall Status Ailments
  • Bleed: Damage received increased in addition to receiving Damage over Time (physical damage)
  • Poison: Duration of the DoT increased, dealing more damage overall. (earth damage)
  • Curse: Damage dealt by the target is decreased. (void damage)
  • Ignite: DoT duration decreases, but deals much higher amounts of DPS. (fire damage)
  • Chill: Attack and movement speed is slowed with Damage over Time. (water damage)
  • Shock: Target increases incoming Breach damage. (air damage) 
Godfall Attributes
  • Might: Improves your Weapon damage.
    Increases the damage dealt by your normal attacks and combos.
  • Spirit: Improves your Life Stone Recovery and your Ability Damage.
    Increases your ability damage, including damage done by Weapon Techniques, Shield Abilities, and Polarity Attacks. Spirit also increases the amount of Health recovered by Life Stones, and increases Overhealth granted by Banners.
  • Vitality: Improves your max Health.
    Increases your maximum Health, and improves the damage dealt by your Siphon attack.


Revamped Ailments

Players can now inflict Ailments with attacks and they are no longer tied to ailment chance traits as they have been removed. Specific attacks now guarantee an ailment attack. Since ailments are now directly tied to these attacks, so a strong attack would inflict a strong ailment. These ailments are also now stacked. With ailments dealing damage over time, they deal even more stacked damage to opponents. They now also have Ailment Power traits that helps with a traits effectiveness. This also can affect damage and duration of the trait. 

Consuming Ailments: How some Items react to ailments have also undergone some modifications. Some items will allows players to consume enemy ailments and all ailment effects on the enemy are removed. This causes all damage remaining inflicted to enemies to be dealt all at once when consumed. Consuming ailments on its own becomes an attack, dealing high damage from the stacked ailments. 





To perform a Deathblow, defeat an enemy by hitting its Weakpoint. Some pieces of equipment will grant you bonuses for performing a Deathblow



Whenever an enemy becomes stunned or is made vulnerable, you can perform a Takedown to deal a large amount of damage. Takedowns can even defeat enemies outright.

  • Takedowns can critically hit.
  • Takedown damage value seems independent of damage value of currently equipped weapon.


Polarity Attack

Unleash your Polarity Attack by swapping Weapons after you have built up enough charge. A Polarity Attack releases a shockwave that damages nearby enemies while simultaneously increasing your Weapon's damage.

  • Charge up your Polarity Attack by hitting Enemies with your weapon. When fully charged, swapping Weapons will unleash a shockwave that damages nearby enemies and boosts your weapon's damage by 20% for 30 seconds.
  • Shockwave damage is increased by Spirit.
  • Swapping weapons will reset your Polarity Attack charge and remove any damage boosts from previous Polarity Attacks.



Land multiple weapon hits in a short period of time to enter Rampage, where you deal 20 % more damage. Lose Rampage if you don't hit an enemy for 10 seconds. Stay in the fray and attack!



Soulshatter is an additional way to deal damage to your opponents.

Every Valorian knight learns to affect their opponents' internal Aetherium. As a Valorian strikes their foes, they make small rents in their enemies' spiritual fabric. Then, at the right tactical moment, a powerful strike is delivered that will turn these fractures into a large internal detonation. When performed correctly, this move could utterly destroy a being.



Weakpoints indicate vulnerable hit locations on your enemies. Hit enemy Weakpoints to deal increased damage and knock them down.

  • Weakpoints will only appear under specific circumstances after you unlock them in your Skills.
  • You inflict a Deathblow whenever you defeat an enemy by striking a Weakpoint.


Archon Fury

Each Valorplate is capable of a display of power known as Archon Fury. While Archon Fury is active, you will gain unique abilities depending on the Valorplate.

  • Your damage is increased while Archon Fury is active.
  • You don't take damage while Archon Fury is active. Instead, enemy hits reduce the duration.
  • Activating Archon Fury will deliver a powerful initial effect.
  • While Archon Fury is active, each Valorplate gains unique ongoing traits. 

Archon Fury can only be activated when the Valorplate has built up a sufficient charge of Aethenum. Cunning warriors will know the right moment to unleash their full powers neither waiting too long or activating too frivolously.


As you damage an Enemy, you also deal Breach damage. After dealing enough Breach damage to fill the enemy's Breach bar, they become stunned and vulnerable to a Takedown.

  • Heavy Attacks deal increased Breach damage.
  • Different types of Weapons deal different amounts of Breach damage.
  • Breach damage amount is independent of a weapons listed damage amount.


Critical Hit

Attacks have a random chance to become Critical Hits, where they deal increased damage.

  • By default, Critical Hits deal +50% damage. You have a base 5% chance to perform a Critical Hit.
  • You can increase both your Critical Hit chance and your Critical Hit damage with your abilities and equipment.


Defense Character

Three defensive maneuvers available to you are Evade, Block, and Parry:

  • Evade enemy attacks to dodge a short distance and avoid taking damage for a small period of time. You may improve your Evade using the Finesse skill.
  • Block enemy attacks with your Shield to prevent the incoming damage.
  • Parry enemy attacks by properly timing your Block, to prevent the incoming damage and briefly stagger nearby enemies. Parries can also reflect projectiles. 

The basic Shield Block is capable of preventing the damage of most attacks. However, particularly powerful enemy attacks such as the Perilous Attack or a Red Power Attack can impact you through the Block.

  • Whenever an enemy makes a Perilous Attack, the attack will glow blue. Successfully parrying these attacks will leave enemies vulnerable for a short time.
  • Whenever an enemy makes a Red Power Attack, the attack will glow red, These attacks cannot be blocked or parried. Evade quickly to avoid the strike.


Red Power Attack

  • Power Attacks cannot be parried or blocked, and always knock you down, evade them.



Your Shield is a key part of your arsenal. It has powerful defensive and offensive applications.

  • Block enemy attacks with your Shield to prevent incoming damage.
  • Parry enemy attacks by properly timing your Block to prevent incoming damage and briefly stagger nearby enemies. Parries can also reflect projectiles.
  • Perform a Shield Throw to throw your Shield and hit enemies at range. Shield Throw uses all of your Shield charge.
  • Perform a Petrifying Slam to deal damage to nearby enemies and petrify enemies Breached by the attack. Petrifying Slam uses all of your Shield charge.
  • Shield Bash damages an enemy and knocks it down. 
  • Spinning Blast damages an enemy and can interrupt Red Power Attacks. If your Shield is Primed, this attack will petrify Breached enemies and return your Shield to normal.


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      I have an augment that give blessing of luck when i "successfully evade" melee attacks, but it never comes up. I have tried evading all different angles and times when there weapon kinda flashes white. Its legendary augment as well like does anyone no how to do this

      • Also breach damage is independent of a weapons listed damage. Ignoring passive attributes (like +16% Breach Damage on a weapon), a level 1 weapon will do just as much breach damage as a level 50 version. It seems to be defined by the weapon and it's attack completely independent from weapons listed damage value.

        • In regards to the defensive maneuvers, there is a 4th one that occurs when you cross weapons with an enemy. I don't know of an official name for the mechanic I just call it a 'clash parry' or 'clash' for short. It stuns both combatants and cancels Red Power Attacks.

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