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 Godfall FAQs


When is the release date of Godfall?

Godfall releases on November 12th, 2020 on Playstation 5 and on PC via the Epic Game Store. The standard edition is priced at $69.99 USD. The Godfall Digital Deluxe Edition is priced at $89.99 USD and finally, the Godfall Ascended Edition is priced at $99.99 USD.

The Digital Deluxe Edition grants  you day one access to Expansion 1, besides the base game. The Ascended Edition grants the same content as the Digital Deluxe Edition but also gives you:

  • 3x Gold Valorplate Skins.
  • 5x Gold Weapon Skins.
  • Gold Shield Skin.
  • Gold Royal Banner Skin.
  • Unique Multiplayer lobby title.
  • Orange Valorplate skin for Vertigo.


What is Godfall about?

Godfall is an upcoming Action RPG developed by Counterplay Games and published by Gearbox Publishing. The game is described as a "looter-slasher" that heavily focuses on the mastery of melee combat and a robust loot-progression system. Godfall promises intense action-packed gameplay, satisfying moment-to-moment combat that allows the player to jump in the game alone in single-player, or team up with a maximum of three other players in online co-op.  


Godfall Overview

In Godfall, players will take the role of one of the last remnants of the exalted Knight’s Order. Their main objective is to prevent the impending apocalypse and to preserve whatever is left of their world. The Earth and the Water realms were shown briefly in the teaser trailer, as well as the obelisk that connects them known as the Skybreaker Monolith.

Godfall is set in a high-fantasy universe that's full of heroic knights, arcane magic, and forbidden realms. The world of Godfall is split up into four elemental realms of Earth, Water, Air, and Fire. Take on the role of a Valorian Knight, a god-like warrior who is able to equip Valorplates which are legendary armor sets that transform the player into an unstoppable force and a master of melee combat.

As you venture and explore the various realms of this universe, you will encounter various threats and tear through enemies as you try to reach the peak and challenge a mad God who awaits you. Apart from that, you will also get the chance to discover ancient pieces of equipment that are unique in its own characteristics and history.

Getting Started

See our About page to get some general ideas on the concepts of the game. You should then visit the Valorplates or Classes page and select a Valorplate you believe would suit your style. To proceed through the game, you can refer to our Walkthrough or Game Progress Route page for an overview of the recommended route.


What is a Valorplate?

Valorplates are fixed Armor Sets in Godfall. Valorplates are Zodiac-inspired suits that empower the player's character by granting various buffs, strengths, abilities, and many more. In Godfall, Valorplates are worn as a whole and it isn't divided into armor pieces or such, however, you can customize it by using Cosmetics. There are 12 Valorplates that can be obtained in the game and each can be crafted by collecting the required Resources and by meeting its requirements. Players get to switch between Valorplates in the Sanctum between missions. Once you start a mission with a Valorplateyou can't change it back until you either finish the mission or abandon it. 


Are all Valorplates the same?

Each Valorplate you obtain has its own set of stats, buffs, and an Archon Ability. Archon Abilities basically are the Valorplate's ultimate ability that can be unleashed when it is available. Not only will a player be able to activate its ultimate skill, but you can also gain passive bonuses that take effect until the duration of the Archon Ability wears off. This can be done by pressing the L3 +R3 button of the Dualsense controller of the PS5.


How can I improve my Valorplate?

Enhance your Valorplates by inserting Augments into their Augment Constellations. Augments have 3 possible Affinities; Red, Green, and Blue. They can only slot into neutral or matching nodes. Each Augment has a Power Drain amount. Your total Power Drain cannot exceed your Valorplate's Power Capacity.


What are the Attributes Character for?

Might, Spirit, and Vitality determine your effectiveness in combat. These attributes increase as you level up, and can be enhanced by your equipment

  • Might increases the damage dealt by your normal attacks and combos.
  • Vitality increases your maximum Health, and improves the damage dealt by your Siphon attack.
  • Spirit increases your ability damage, including damage done by Weapon Techniques, Shield Abilities, and Polarity Attacks. Spirit also increases the amount of Health recovered by Life Stones, and increases Overhealth granted by Banners.


What about the Weapons?

Weapons in Godfall  are a piece of equipment that is used to inflict damage against hostile characters such as Enemies and Bosses. Weapons are usually categorized into different types that suit each Class, each weapon possesses its own Stats, bonuses, and effects. Weapons are usually obtained as rewards from completing quests, purchased from merchants, looted from various locations, dropped by Enemies and Bosses, or crafted by using the required materials.


Are all the weapons the same?

There are five weapon classes players can choose from, LongswordsDual BladesPolearmsWarhammers, and Greatswords. Each weapon class consists of its own unique set of moves such as its primary and secondary traits and playstyles which ranges from executing fast-hitting combos and hard-hitting strategic gameplays.


Can I upgrade the Weapons?

Certain Weapons can be upgraded from the Weapons Menu. You can upgrade a weapon up to five times spending resources such as ElectrumSunsteelIncarnate EssenceDragonsteel, etc. This will allow the upgraded weapon to increase its damage per second and may also increase one of the secondary effects.


What are the Rarity weapons for?

In Godfall, Weapons have a rarity system. This system determines the amount of effects a weapon has. 

  • Common Weapons, have no effects whatsoever.
  • Uncommon weapons, have only a primary effect.
  • Rare weapons have a primary effect and a random secondary effect.
  • Epic weapons have a primary effect and two random secondary effects.
  • Legendary weapons have a primary effect and three random secondary effects.


How can I improve my character defenses?

Three defensive maneuvers available to you are Evade, Block, and Parry:

  • Evade enemy attacks to dodge a short distance and avoid taking damage for a small period of time. You may improve your Evade using the Finesse skill.
  • Block enemy attacks with your Shield to prevent the incoming damage.
  • Parry enemy attacks by properly timing your Block, to prevent the incoming damage and briefly stagger nearby enemies. Parries can also reflect projectiles. 

The basic Shield Block is capable of preventing the damage of most attacks. However, particularly powerful enemy attacks such as the Perilous Attack or a Red Power Attack can impact you through the Block.

  • Whenever an enemy makes a Perilous Attack, the attack will glow blue. Successfully parrying these attacks will leave enemies vulnerable for a short time.
  • Whenever an enemy makes a Red Power Attack, the attack will glow red, These attacks cannot be blocked or parried. Evade quickly to avoid the strike.


How can I heal my character from enemy damage?


Life Stones are primarily used to restore Health. More advanced stones will grant temporary enhancements and beneficial traits for a limited period of time after the stone is used. Each Life Stone has a set number of charges. These charges can be restored by picking up Health Globes dropped by fallen enemies.

Press R to use your Life Stone and restore Health. Using a Life Stone also grants you its Primary and Secondary traits for 10 seconds after its use. Refill your Life Stone charges by picking up excess Green Health Globes that may drop from enemies.


What are Shields for?

Your Shield is a key part of your arsenal. It has powerful defensive and offensive applications.

  • Block enemy attacks with your Shield to prevent incoming damage.
  • Parry enemy attacks by properly timing your Block to prevent incoming damage and briefly stagger nearby enemies. Parries can also reflect projectiles.
  • Perform a Shield Throw to throw your Shield and hit enemies at range. Shield Throw uses all of your Shield charge.
  • Perform a Petrifying Slam to deal damage to nearby enemies and petrify enemies Breached by the attack. Petrifying Slam uses all of your Shield charge.
  • Shield Bash damages an enemy and knocks it down. 
  • Spinning Blast damages an enemy and can interrupt Red Power Attacks. If your Shield is Primed, this attack will petrify Breached enemies and return your Shield to normal.


Are there accessories in Godfall?

Accessories are divided into five categories, RingsCharmsAmuletsLife Stones, and Banners, each Accessory can be equipped on their respective equipment slots: 2 for Rings, and 1 each for the rest of the trinkets. These items grant the wearer extra buffs, effects, and passive bonuses that can change and increase the stats and strengths of the character. 


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