Weapons in Godfall is a piece of equipment that is used to inflict damage against hostile characters such as Enemies and Bosses. Weapons are usually categorized into different types that suit each Class, each weapon possesses its own stats, bonuses, and effects. Weapons are usually obtained as rewards from completing quests, purchased from merchants, looted from various locations, dropped by enemies and bosses, or crafted by using the required materials. This page will indicate a list of all the Weapons in Godfall which will include its description and values. You can find detailed information on its location and properties on each individual page linked below.

Weapon Classes

There are five weapon classes players can choose from, Longswords, Dual Blades, Polearms, Warhammers, and Greatswords. Each weapon class consists of its own unique set of moves such as its primary and secondary traits and playstyles which ranges from executing fast-hitting combos and hard-hitting strategic gameplays.

Primary Effects

Ranging from Uncommon to Legendary, all weapons have a primary effect. This effect is always the same, but due to weapons being random, its value may differ. For example, the Wergeld's primary effect reads "Gain X overhealth whenever you perform a Deathblow". The value may change, but the effect on itself will always be the same.

Secondary Effects

Ranging from Rare to Legendary, all Weapons have at least one secondary effect. Secondary effects are totally random, so you can find the same weapon twice, and have totally different secondary effects.


Each weapon you carry in Godfall can be salvaged from the Weapons menu. This will grant you resources based on the rarity of the weapon salvaged.

Cursed Loot

Cursed Loot is a type of item that can be found in Godfall. Cursed Loot's main difference with "regular" loot is that by being cursed, it provides debuffs to the player when equipped. These debuffs may reduce a certain type of damage you deal,  reduce the duration of Ailments on Enemies, reduce critical hit chance, etc. Most pieces of Equipment can be cursed.

Cursed Loot has a certain condition that has to be met in order to lift the curse, cleansing the Equipment and turning its debuffs into powerful buffs. Lifting curses can be done in Dreamstones or Ascended Tower of Terror. These items only come from Lightbringer Mode.


In Godfall, Weapons have a rarity system. This system determines the amount of effects a weapon has. 

  • Common Weapons, have no effects whatsoever.
  • Uncommon weapons, have only a primary effect.
  • Rare weapons have a primary effect and a random secondary effect.
  • Epic weapons have a primary effect and two random secondary effects.
  • Legendary weapons have a primary effect and three random secondary effects.
  • Primal weapons have buffed primary ability stats
  •  Cursed Weapons debuff a players stats when equipped. Curses can be lifted


Certain weapons can be upgraded by interacting the the Forge, that is located just to the side of the main hall. You can upgrade a weapon up to five times spending resources such as Electrum, Sunsteel, Incarnate Essence, Dragonsteel, etc. This will allow the upgraded weapon to increase its damage per second and may also increase one of the secondary effects.


Enchanting a weapon improves the rarity of a weapon to increase its power and number of traits. To enchant a weapon you need resources such as ElectrumSunsteel  and Dragonsteel. You can't enchant a Legendary Weapon.


Primal Loot

Primal Loot is obtained through the chests in the Tower of Trials. When Primal gear is dropped, it is can be determined through its movement. While regular gear is stagnant on the floor, Primal loot slightly moves. When obtained, its pick up icon will also have a bold border around the item.



Godfall All Weapons








Dual Blades





























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    • Anonymous

      Six items that need pages: Trial Runner Javelin(Polearm), Blade of Conquest(Longsword), Dread Wraithblade(Greatsword), Spear of Fate(polearm), Quintessence Blades(Dual Blades), Silvermane's Greathammer(Warhammer).

      P.S.- Shoku is a Longsword not a Greatsword. Please fix.

      • Anonymous

        i have a farily robust list of weapons (42 pages of a .docx of all classes, along with all 60 codex tablets, a near complete bestiary missing the info for volatile Earth and Lightning Kraven, and the lore they devs hid in the Gameplay part of the Codex - yes they his lore in there, too) and i can see several here that i dont have in my lists. an im even including the 'preorder items' i dont have any of the primary/special effects in my lists as i was just doing a lore delve and given im ona ps5... my lists are... getting there lol and am willing to share upon request

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          How do you get "Man at Arms" or i think it is called "Eclipse"? the sword Orin is holding in the loading screen between levels I REALLY want the sword but don't know how to get it
          Plus this list is not complete i have a polearm not on the list

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            js, wolfs boon is legendary, but the wolf Longsword counterpart is like. . . just epic, been farming macros for awhile and only gotten a good hammer and polearms but no LS. .

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              This list is far from complete. I've played for 3 hours and found like 2 or 3 weapons that aren't on this list

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                hmu if anybody wants to start this game with me. I imagine there will be a clan system and i plan to be #1 global. my Epic Games name is Shids N Fards

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