Accessories in Godfall are extensions of the player's equipment. Accessories are divided into five categories, Rings, Charms, Amulets, Life Stones, and Banners, each Accessory can be equipped on their respective equipment slots: 2 for Rings, and 1 each for the rest of the trinkets. These items grant the wearer extra buffs, effects, and passive bonuses that can change and increase the stats and strengths of the character. This page covers a list of all the accessories in Godfall.


Primary Effects

Ranging from Uncommon to Legendary, all Accessories have a primary effect. This effect is always the same, but due to weapons being random, its value may differ. For example, the Lifebond Ring's primary effect reads "+X% Fire Damage". The value may change, but the effect on itself will always be the same.

Secondary Effects

Ranging from Rare to Legendary, all Accessories have at least one secondary effect. Secondary effects are totally random, so you can find the same accessory twice, and have totally different secondary effects.


Each accesory you carry in Godfall can be salvaged from the menu. This will grant you resources based on the rarity of the Accesory salvaged.

Accessory Types

Players can equip multiple Accesories at a time to create Build that suits them. This includes one of each type of accessory and two Rings. Below are the available accessory categories to choose from.


Accessories have a rarity system. This system determines the amount of effects an Accesory has. 

  • Common Accessories, have no effects whatsoever.
  • Uncommon Accessories, have only a primary effect.
  • Rare Accessories have a primary effect and a random secondary effect.
  • Epic Accessories have a primary effect and two random secondary effects.
  • Legendary Accessories have a primary effect and three random secondary effects.
  • Primal weapons have buffed primary ability stats
  • Cursed Weapons debuff a players stats when equipped and add powerful buffs when a curse is lifted


You can upgrade an Accessory up to five times spending resources such as ElectrumSunsteelIncarnate EssenceDragonsteel, etc. This will allow the upgraded Accesory to increase the bonus it grants and may also increase one of the secondary effects.


Enchanting an Accessory improves its rarity to increase its power and number of traits. To enchant an Accesory you need resources such as ElectrumSunsteel  and Dragonsteel. You can't enchant a Legendary Accesory.



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