Infused Jasper

Crafting Resource

Item Type Crafting Resource

Infused Jasper is a Resource item in Godfall. Resources are essential items that can be used at the Forge to upgrade and enchant your items. Gather Resources by defeating Enemies, searching fallen soldiers, and gathering from Motherlodes. You can also gain Resources by salvaging Equipment that you will no longer use.


n the deep earth, the Vargul search for minerals that have been enriched by Aetherium. Though they use these stones to augment their shaman, a godsmith could do quite a bit more with them.


Where to Find Infused Jasper

  • Harvested from Motherlodes in the Earth Realm.
  • Phalanxar Hunt mission reward [x10]


Infused Jasper Notes & Tips

  • Notes and tips go here.
  • 50 Infused Jasper are required to create each of the following Valorplates: Bulwark, Greyhawk, Mesa, Phoenix.



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