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Sanctum is one of the Locations in Godfall. Players will encounter different Enemies, Bosses, and NPCs in each location. This Sanctum is the main hub lobby where players can browse Items change the Valorplates, train, choose missions. This is where players travel to other Locations as well. The Sanctum itself is an NPC known as the Seventh Sanctum. Here she will will direct Orin through his quests and guide him on his next steps.


Sanctum Information

From the Sanctum, Players can access and make changes to these areas. The Sanctum works a player's hub, where players will first engage in training and Crafing a Valorplate. This location is also where players will choose their next location, begin their quests, and access the Map through the main portal in the center of the room. Zenun will also be found in the Sanctum. Players may interact with him in between Quests in order to upgrade their equipment. This will lead you to eventually rekindle The Forge, where players can upgrade equipment with resources to improve stats, and enchant equipment to improve rarity. 

Sanctum Features


Sanctum Training Area

Freely test your latest Weapons and Combat skills. Upon entering the training area. Various Enemies will appear in order for players to trial  and test their new Items, Skills and Abilities during Combat. These enemies can attack, but will rarely do so as they are not designed to challenge players, but help them practice their skills.


Sanctum Notes & Trivia

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