Zamora The Far-Seeing (Boss)

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Location Prismatic Falls
Rewards +1 Skill Point
5 Valorplate Core
5 Dragonsteel
40 Infused Jasper

Zamora The Far-Seeing (Boss) is a Boss  in GodfallZamora The Far-Seeing (Boss) can be found at Prismatic Falls. Zamora is one of Macros' lieutenants, who is also known as one of his strongest allies that take control of the Earth Realm.


Zamora The Far-Seeing (Boss) Description

♦ Zamora takes control of the Vargul warriors and is resonsible of  channeling energies within the Earth Realm for Macros. According to the Sanctum, she is a powerful sorcerer, an animal who is fighting to survive, and has sealed herself in her lair, located behind Prismatic Falls.


Zamora The Far-Seeing (Boss) Information

♦ Players will face Zamora in the Earth Realm during the Boss Quest, Zamora the Far-Seeing.


Zamora The Far-Seeing (Boss) Locations & Drops


How to Beat Zamora The Far-Seeing (Boss)

Zamora The Far-Seeing (Boss) Boss Guide:

Phase 1:

Before the battle begins, be ready for the end of the cutscene. Once it ends, prepare to dodge away from the large purple bubble that Zamora will fire at you. This bubble is one of the most frequent basic attacks that Zamora will repeat throughout the fight, so make sure to get proficient at gauging its speed and timing to evade them consistently. Zamora will then proceed to shoot a beam of smaller purple spheres in horizontal patterns. Maintain a good distance to give yourself time to evade these consecutive projectiles, and spot the "spaces" in between each orb to pass through them as you attempt to approach Zamora in close range.

The core strategy when fighting Zamora during this phase is to steadily confront her while dodging past the projectiles she throw at you. A highly proficient distance fighter, Zamora is weak to melee as she has little defenses. However, since she will teleport after receiving a few hits, the battle will go down in the fashion of a constant chase.

Therefore, once in melee, dish out as much damage as quickly as possible, and once she teleports away, swiftly clear the crystal voidlings that her portal leaves behind before looking for her then closing the gap to damage her again. Repeat this process until roughly one thirds of her health bar is reduced.

Phase 2:

Once Zamora's health has been chunked down to around 70%, she will automatically deploy a purple shield to protect herself. Charge in and strike the shield with consecutive, rapid hits to destroy it, but be ready to evade backwards right when it breaks as it will explode and deal damage. Once the shield is destroyed, Zamora will employ a new attack move where she will conjure a cloud of purple energy above, in which tracking purple orbs will be periodically fired at you. Continuously run away from the orbs around Zamora, simultaneously landing hits on her. Orbs that successfully hit you deal damage over time.

One attack to watch out for during this phase is Zamora's grab and slam attack. When running around Zamora, she may execute a power attack where she will seize you, lift you up then throw you onto the ground to inflict massive burst damage. Be sure to keep an eye on her while you move around to be sure not to get caught.

Phase 3:

The last phase of the fight will begin when Zamora's health is depleted to around 30%. In addition to her attacks from the previous phase, Zamora will also execute a move where she will blink blue, summon a portal then teleport to your location to strike you. Watch out for the telegraphed blue glow right before she performs this attack to parry it in time, which will stun her instead. Use this window of opportunity to deal solid damage to her, and repeat this, along with steps from phase 2, to defeat Zamora.


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Purple Bubble: Zamora fires a large, purple bubble at her foe. Evade
Purple Orbs: Zamora fires a line of successive bubbles in sweeping motion at her foe's direction. Move through spaces in between each orb.
Energy Cloud: Zamora conjures a purple cloud above, which will periodically shoot tracking orbs at her target. Running around Zamora.
Grab n' Slam: Zamora seizes her target, lifts it in the air before brutally slamming them on the ground to deal massive spike damage. Constant movement, distance management.
Teleport Strike: Zamora opens a portal to blink to her target before landing a strike. Parry when you notice her pre-cast blue glow.



Notes & Trivia

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