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Location Air Realm
Rewards +2 Skill Points
Valorplate Core
10 Dragonsteel
Orb of Oblivion

Macros is the Final main Boss  in GodfallMacros can be found at the Air Realm after defeating his lieutenants and taking down his defense forces in previous Missions. This will allow the Seventh Sanctum to absorb the defeated enemy Aperium, and drain enough of it from Macros in order to get a chance to face him. He must be defeated before he completes and goes through the Rites of Ascension and fully attempts to become a god. Orin faces him during the Godfall mission in the Air Realm.


Let our lessers bleed upon filthy battlefields. Let them preach in their cold halls. They are fools, to the last. They argue about virtues and debate ethics, but they ignore the truth beneath all of it. Creation is flawed. Creation is broken. And only a new Archon, a new god, can save us.


Macros Description

Macros was one of the former rulers of Valorian society. He and Orin ruled together like brothers. Though he was once considered a hero, his ambition and thirst for power dragged his people into a civil war that resulted in the destruction of their society and most of his own people. Opposed by Orin, he rallied groups of monstrous forces in order to claim the Skybreaker Monolith so he could use its phenomenal cosmic power to ascend to godhood. The civil war culminated in a brutal duel where Marcus ultimately defeated Orin and threw him off the top of the Monolith.

The game begins with Macros’ apparent victory shortly after he activates the Skybreaker Monolith and starts the separation of Aperion back into the four realms. He intends to use his powers to go through the Rites of Ascension and become a god himself with the support of his lieutenants. The story of the Thousand years of war can be found below. 




Macros Information




♦ Macros's Longsword, Hammer, and Polearm move sets each contain a Perilous Strike. Identify and Parry this attack in each phase for a long stun that makes Marcros vulnerable to a Takedown.

♦ When Macros levitates and begins rapidly firing projectiles, block the smaller projectiles and Parry the final orb to reflect the attack back at Macros. 


Macros Locations & Drops


How to Beat Macros

Macros Boss Guide:

Phase 1:
Macros is a fast and nimble in combat, utilizing primarily teleportation to quickly blink to his foe and attacking abruptly. Macros will initiate the battle by first teleporting to you, and then swiftly calling down a lightning bolt to strike down from above, damaging and knocking back foes in front of him. Prepare to parry once the cutscene before the fight ends, then attack his weakpoints once they are revealed. As Macros continue to regularly blink around the arena then suddenly towards you, be weary of his teleportation itself as every time he jumps locations, he will release a burst of flames around himself, which also causes damage. Shortly after his initial lightning attack, Macros will emit a cluster of horizontal lasers from his blade. Evade past them and approach him in melee to inflict damage.

When trading blows with Macros up close, keep a constant eye out for his Power Attack, which will cause him to glow red. Macros will charge up his sword by infusing it with blazing fire before impaling foes in front of him, dealing unblockable damage and knocking you back. This will then leave you vulnerable to his Perilous Attack, where he will briefly glow blue before charging forward to perform an uppercut slash at his target, dealing heavy damage. Therefore, be sure to evade the Power Attack, then parry the Perilous Attack to reverse stun Macros, in order to get some damage in while he is vulnerable. Continue to cautiously chase him as he blinks away.

Phase 2:
After draining approximately 25% of his health, Macros will suspend himself in mid air and project purple energy orbs at you in quick succession. Block these attacks with your shield, or evade them when applicable. Before Macros descends from above, he will finish his attack with one large purple sphere, so anticipate it and avoid it with a side dodge. Macros will then swap into a pole-arm war hammer. Once he equips this heavy weapon, Macros will teleport less frequently, but will execute AOE attacks by slamming his hammer onto the ground. Watch out for his Power Attack in this form, as he will slam the ground as usual after flashing red, but the slams will leave behind a large, unblockable radius of molten lava on the ground, which knocks you down, then leaves you vulnerable to the additional burn damage.  It is crucial to dodge his power attack in this form as the crowd control coupled with the burning lava deals huge damage. Therefore, time your parry to block his basic attacks, and save evades for when he charges up his Power Attack with fire energy. As Marcros takes a brief moment to perform each swing, try to time your attacks and get a few slashes in in between each basic attack. Repeat this pattern until the next phase.

Phase 3:
Once you get Macros beyond 50%, he will start combining his attacks from before by switching between his sword and war hammer. Additionally, his war hammer power attack will occasionally erupt a trail of molten lava circles that bursts forward, possibly reaching the ground beneath you if you are not far away. Hence, during this phase, maintain a little more distance from Macros if you notice his red glow before he performs his war hammer power attack. Continue fight him and get slashes in as per the previous 2 phases, since he will be utilizing a general combination of the same attacks. Maintain constant pressure, keep landing slashes in in between his hammer strikes to eventually fully deplete Macros' health bar and defeat him in battle.



Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Explosive Space Warp: Macros teleports to a target area, releasing a damaging burst of flames around him upon reaching his destination. Watch out for pre-cast flames around him, and evade if needed.
Uppercut Slash: Macro glows red to perform a Power Attack where he slashes his target with an upward swing, dealing unblockable damage and knocking back his foe. Evade, as it is an unblockable move
Charging Slash: Macros flashes blue before charging at his foe, then performs a slash dealing heavy damage. Parry; Evade
Lightning Orbs: Macros briefly equips his spear, levitates up into the air and charges a large plasma bubble. This bubble will fire rapid lightning orbs at his target, then eventually project itself also. Quick side dodges
Volcanic Slam: Macros infuses his hammer with fire magic, then slams it on the ground after glowing red for a second, knocking down foes. The floor beneath will erupt into a circle of molten lava, dealing additional burn damage. Must evade (unblockable attack)
Molten Lava Trail: Macros infuses his hammer with fire magic, then slams it on the ground after glowing red for a second, knocking down foes. The floor in front will rapidly erupt into a trail of three molten lava circles, burning all units caught within. Evade sideways



Notes & Trivia

A Thousand Years of War

Despite the prosperity of the age, Macros was unsatisfied with the peace they had wrought and believed that he had to fight for Aperion as a whole. He understood the Valorians’ military nature better than anyone and believed that a people made for war would eventually destroy themselves. He believed that the Valorians needed an Archon, a new god, to rebuilt creation and reign in their excesses. Who better to bear this burden than he, the greatest warrior every produced by the Valorian people.

Broaching his idea to Orin privately, Macros laid out how he would use the Skybreaker Monolith to accomplish his grand ambition. Orin, however, was convinced that Macros’s plan was reckless madness and attempted to talk Macros out of his folly. As happens with many such conversations, words gave way to blades when they were unable to reach an accord.

The rift between the brothers was then echoed by a larger schism within the Zodiac Circle. As Grandmaster of the Circle, Orin publically stripped Macros of his title. Then, fearing reprisal from his ludicrously powerful brother, Orin took the majority of the Zodiac Circle and sabotaged the Monolith, denying Macros its use for a time.

Seething from his brother’s perceived betrayal, Macros declares himself the sole ruler of Aperion and began recruiting allies from not only the Valorian factions, but the races of the Tetrarchy as well. Between threats of force and promises of new elemental utopias, the “latterborn” all tentatively joined Macros. With his supremacy secured, Macros began the arduous work of restoring the Skybreaker Monolith.

The savage and bitter war between Orin and Macros took on an almost predictable formula. Macros would work on the Monolith, only for Orin’s forces to either sabotage the construction or disable some component that prevented Macros from furthering his goals for a time. This cycle would continue for the next thousand years.

Though it seemed like the war between Orin and Macros could last forever, there was one harsh truth that at least Orin understood: Macros was winning. Every time, it was becoming more and more difficult to sabotage Macros and each time more progress was made on the Skybreaker Monolith. Eventually Orin was pushed to make one last effort to stop Macros.

Orin lured Macros’s forces away with a strategic feint and led all of his Valorian knights to capture the Skybreaker Monolith and the city below it. Then, fortifying their defenses, Orin awaited the inevitable attack from Macros’s returning army. Though neither side gave any quarter, Orin’s forces were eventually overwhelmed. Macros emerged from the Monolith and declare the end of a thousand years of war. Orin was dead by his hand and his work could continue unimpeded from then on.



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