Cobalt Caldera

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Realm Water Realm

Cobalt Caldera is one of the Locations in Godfall. Cobalt Caldera is located in the Water Realm, which is accessed during the Ascending to Water Quest in the Crimson Glades. This is the first location Orin accesses in the Water Realm where you will also encounter an abundance of Abyssian and Black Tide Forces. Here is where Orin must eventually face Lunara after taking down their defenses. In each realm Location, players will encounter different EnemiesBosses, and NPCs. The world in Godfall is divided in four different realms. The Earth RealmWater RealmAir Realm and the Fire Realm. Dreamstones can be unlocked once the main story has been completed.


Cobalt Caldera Related Quests


Enemies and Bosses in Cobalt Caldera


Cobalt Caldera Notes & Trivia

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