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Location Cobalt Caldera, Water Realm
Rewards +1 Skill Point
5 Valorplate Core
5 Dragonsteel
40 Crystalline Tear

Lunara is a Boss  in GodfallLunara absorbs the distinct energy of the moon to empower her weapons and long distance attacks. Lunara can be found at the Cobalt Caldera of the Water Realm.


Lunara Description

♦ Lunara resides in the Water Realm and is known as the Guardian Avatar of the Silver Moon. In the beginning,  the ancient godsmiths devised a way to create automatons that could fulfill rote tasks that even the lowest of the Valorians did not wish to do. Over time, the constructs they made became more and more elaborate, culminating in the creation of Solaris and Lunara, the twin avatars of the Sun and Moon, respectively. 

Lunara can be faced after going through the Water Realm missions in order to take down her defenses. Eventually, Lunara's shelter will no longer have the protection of Macros's magical barrier and Orin will only need to gather more water sigils by completing Hunt missions in order to face her during The Silvermoon Mission


Lunara Information

♦ Lunara has a regular sword side slashing melee attack accom[anied by a forward lunge + slash attack and when approached aggressively, can jump back to defend herself. 

♦ She has a shield slash that is followed by a short cooldown.

♦ These melee attacks could follow a forward charge. 

♦ Her shield smash on the ground sends out damaging waves of water upon impact. 

♦ Be aware of the Lunara Darkmoon Shade when facing her. 

♦ Lunara spawns a belt of Moon Orbs around herself, then fires them at her foe in quick succession.


Lunara Locations & Drops

  • Lunara can be found at the Cobalt Caldera of the Water Realm and is faced during The Silvermoon Quests.


How to Beat Lunara

Lunara Boss Guide:

Phase 1:

Lunara will first initiate the fight by performing charge attacks with her giant sword and shield. Although the charges are fairly fast, they are executed in a linear fashion, thereby allowing the player to avoid them by evading sideways. After a period of time, Lunara will spawn orbiting Moon Spheres around herself, then proceed to successively fire them at you. You may choose to avoid getting hit by simply dodging, however it is recommended to parry these orbs instead as they will bounce back at Lunara to effectively counter damage her. As the fight continues, Lunara will summon spectral shades to aid her in battle. These spiritual entities will approach you to attack you, and are completely invulnerable to physical damage except for the split second after they initiate a hit on you, where they become tangible. Prioritize eliminating these minions first as they would become a constant nuisance and their damage can really stack up.

As phase 1 nears towards the end Lunara will gradually expand her orbiting Moon Orbs by spawning an additional belt around her. Continue to evade these orbs as you attack Lunara as coming in contact with them instantly deal damage and knock you back for several seconds.

Phase 2:

The official sign of the beginning of Phase 2 is characterized by Lunara once again conjuring a new circle of Moon Orbs around herself, which do not orbit but will be fired out in quick succession at you. To avoid these, you may either dodge sideways or follow Lunara and position yourself to be in between any two of these orbs so that they will never cross paths with you when fired. If possible, destroy these spheres as quickly as possible as some of them may be fired out and then transformed into Dark Moon Shades.

During this phase, Lunara will perform a new attack here she will deal heavy damage in melee by first slaming her shield, then her sword down onto you. Maintain distance, and if applicable, identify her weakpoints as they appear and focus damaging them. Another powerful move that Lunara will execute is an AOE attack, where she will summon a glowing, purple Luna Symbol on the arena, which will, after a brief moment, stun and knock up all units caught within, leaving them vulnerable to heavy attack combos for a few seconds. It is important to evade backwards and out of the symbol's radius as swiftly as possible to avoid being left open to Lunara's brutal onslaught.

Lastly, Lunara will execute a fast, devastating dash attack. This attack can  be hard to avoid, however it is telegraphed as Lunara will briefly glow blue before charging, allow you to parry at the right moment which will leave her stunned instead. Once Lunara's health bar has been emptied, simply finish her off by holding down R3.

Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Charge Attack: Lunara charges at her foe with he weapons Sideways Dodge
Moon Orbs: Lunara spawns a belt of Moon Orbs around herself, then fires them at her foe in quick succession. Standing in between two orbs; Destroying the Orbs, or evading.
Orbiting Orbs: Lunara conjures an expanding orbit of Moon Orbs that damages and knocks back foes that come into contact with them. Maintain distance from the orbs; Destroying them up close.
Darkmoon Shades: Lunara summons spectral shades that constantly chase after foes and attack in melee, and are only susceptible to physical damage as they materialize momentarily after landing an attack. They may also appear from Moon Orbs orbiting Lunara if left undestroyed for a period of time. Attacking them right when they materialize after initiating a strike.
Luna Symbol: Lunara casts a large, purple symbol on the ground, which, after a brief moment, stuns and knocks up all enemies caught within. Evade out of the circle's radius.
 Luna Lunge: Lunara glows blue for a second before performing a fast, long-distanced lunge attack.  Parry; Evade



Notes & Trivia

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