Black Tide Enforcer

black tide enforcer enemy godfall wiki guide
Locations Cobalt Caldera

Black Tide Enforcer is an Enemy in GodfallBlack Tide Enforcer is part of the Black Tide family and can be found within the Water Realm. Players can confront Enemies to obtain Experience points, loot and Resources


Black Tide Enforcer Description

  • A notable captain of Macro's personal hit forces, the Black Tide Enforcer leads squads on whatever missions his master requires. He is comfortable and content with his lot in life, for what greater joy is there than the destruction of enemies at his own hands. The Enforcer is a particularly difficult opponent to finish off due to the large amount of tricks in is arsenal. He will first be encountered at Cobalt Caldera during the Black Tide Quest.
  • Black Tide Enforcer  has a Greatsword sweeping attack with a wide range. Deals a number or projectile attacks that vary in pattern.


Black Tide Enforcer Location


Black Tide Enforcer Notes & Tips

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