Grieves Sunsteel

Location Air Realm
Rewards Nebula
Blind Justitce
Vitriolic Kravenstone

Grieves Sunsteel  is a Boss  in GodfallGrieves Sunsteel is a heavy-armored exalted being who utilizes molten lava to devastate his foes with extra burn damage. He can be found at the Air Realm. After unlocking the Air Realm and gathering enough Sigils, Orin faces Grieves during the Quest, First of the Godsmiths.


Grieves Sunsteel Description

♦ Grieves Sunsteel is one of Macros's lieutenants. He resides in the Air Realm and is known for being a goldsmith and a madman, who is also responsible for arming most of Macros' elite warriors. The Valorian Godsmiths, led by Grieves Sunsteel, forged their own Valorplates, inspired by the original versions worn by the Archons. 


Grieves Sunsteel Information

♦ Grieves Sunsteel is a goldsmith who's attacks involve a lot of fire and Ignite damage.

♦ Grieves wields a giant warhammer that sends fire sparks that travel organically through the ground upon impact within a large range area.

♦ He has a long directional attack where he charges forward, but is followed by a long cooldown. 

♦ With his hammer, he can deal a fiery smash and slash at a short range 

♦ With access to fire, he can send longer range fireball projectiles that can leave trail of fire on the ground for along period. 

♦ Grieves Sunsteel has the power to summon Flameblood Servitor to aid in combat. 


Grieves Sunsteel Locations & Drops

  • Grieves Sunsteel can be found at the Air Realm


How to Beat Grieves Sunsteel

Grieves Sunsteel Boss Guide:

Phase 1:

Grieves wields a massive war hammer and a blacksmith's bucket. In the beginning of the battle, Grieves will charge at you before proceeding to perform a smash attack with his hammer, which will emit flame waves from the impact with the ground. Be sure to avoid the AOE flames' damage by evading backwards. Additionally, Grieves will also use his Perilous Attack, where he will glow blue momentarily before he charges at you in full-speed. Watch out for the blue glow to prepare for the incoming charge and parry the attack, which will knock Grieves back and stun him. Take this window of opportunity to inflict as much damage as possible.

Phase 2:

At around 75% health, Grieves will cover a large portion of the battleground in scorching flames, constricting the arena into a smaller zone for you, while he can transverse through the fire as he wishes. Bait him out from the flames and continuously land hits on him, while evading hammer strikes and fireballs that he will launch at you. These fireballs deal additional DoT burn damage after successful hits, so be sure not to receive consecutive damage from multiple fireballs as the burn damage can rack up quickly.

During this stage, Grieves will intermittently spawn his minions, Flameblood Servitors to fight by his side. These firey monsters will travel towards you steadily before bursting into flames and leaving behind a pool of lava, which stacks up into potentially massive damage if you take the full duration of the explosion and lava's burning. As such, make sure to eliminate them before they have a change to self detonate.

Phase 3:

Once Grieves' health is depleted beyond 50%, he will light up yet another large portion of the battlefield in flames, suffocating you in an even more compact area. Flameblood Servitors will spawn even more frequently, therefore prioritize your attacks on eliminating them first.

In this stage, trading blows with Grieves in melee poses a much higher risk, as he can execute a Power Attack where he will blink red, before taking hold of you and tossing you onto the ground, then mercilessly pouring molten lava over you. This savage attack will chunk your health down severely (possibly kill you) the molten lava will apply devastating burning DoT damage. Be cautious of the red glow when kiting around Grieves in close range to deal damage.

Phase 4:

The last phase of the fight will take place when Grieves' health is down to about 25%. Most of the arena will then be burning in hellfire, rendering basic navigation ineffective. However, other than that his attacks remain largely the same, apart from an even more frequent spawning of the Flameblood Servitors. Again, prioritize taking them down first, and evade fireballs since they cannot be blocked. Finish Grieves off when his health bar has been fully depleted.


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Hammer Smash: Grieves ruthlessly slams his giant war hammer at his target. Evade
Charge Attack: Grieves glows blue before charging at his target to inflict damage. Parry to reverse stun him
Fireballs: Grieves launches several firey orbs at his target, which are unblockable but can be evaded. Successful hits deal DoT burn damage.  Evade
Flameblood Servitors: Grieves spawns multiple firey minions, who will approach their target before bursting into flames and leaving behind a pool of damaging lava. Eliminate before they explode.
Lava Execution: Grieves briefly glows red before grabbing his target and throwing it onto the ground, then pours and pot full of molten lava over the target, inflicting lethal burn damage. Evade when receiving the red glow cue.



Notes & Trivia

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