High Lord Phalanxar

Location Crimson Glades (Earth Realm)
Rewards Random Drops

High Lord Phalanxar is a Boss in Godfall. High Lord Phalanxar is the first boss encountered, who can is geared up in heavy armor and weapon, and utilizes hard-hitting strikes, but is a relatively slow enemy. He is found at outside the Sunforge Temple in Crimson Glades (Earth Realm). He will stand between Orin and the Seventh Sanctum.


High Lord Phalanxar Information

♦ The Phalanxar is known to be one of the High Lords, they are responsible to lead the front and to hold the defenses against those who try to bring down Macros and his rule. The High Lord Phalanxar is the first mini-boss encountered in the game.


High Lord Phalanxar Locations & Drops


How to Beat High Lord Phalanxar

High Lord Phalanxar Boss Guide:

Phase 1:
Suited in full heavy armor and equipped with a gigantic two-handed mace, Phalanxar is a tanky, yet somewhat unwieldy enemy. He will begin the fight by performing a slow charge towards you, then swinging his mace at you in a fairly telegraphed motion. Simply move out of range, and counter strike him right after his swing misses you. Employ this tactic repeatedly, as Phalanxar's swings are quite slow and easy to spot, and he takes time to recover in between each swing.

However, do watch out for his Power and Perilous attack when staying close to him, as he will use those two attacks suddenly in quick succession, executing two diagonal downward slashes swiftly.

Phase 2:
Once Phalaxar is at around 75% health, he will remain stagnant as he charges up a red ball of fire energy before releasing it, causing a rippling explosion of blazing flames that ignites the ground below him in a large radius. Though powerful, this attack can be easily avoided by running out of range while he is charging it up. To follow up, Phalanxar will then perform a leap attack towards you, and land as he brutally smashes his mace onto you, inflicting high damage and knocking you down. Once you recover, he will quickly dash back, then dash towards you twice, wacking you with his heavy mace at the end of each dash. To avoid this, evade sideways as he leaps towards you, and evade twice backwards as he dashes to you.  Continue to land strikes onto him to chunk his health in between his attacks.

Phase 3:
At around 50% health, Phalaxar will hold you up with one hand before slamming you onto the ground, stunning you momentarily. He will then follow up by charging up a ball of red energy yet again, then releasing it to cause the ground around him to burst into blazing flames. The rest of the fight will remain largely the same, as Phalanxar will continue his onslaught with an identical attack pattern as phase 2. Continue to time your attacks as in between his strikes to eventually defeat him in battle.


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Leap Attack: Phalanxar leaps towards his target and lands by slamming his mace downwards. Evade to the side
Devastating Throw: Phalanxar grabs his foe nearby and slams it down onto the ground, applying a brief stun. Stay on his back while in melee
Blazing Eruption: Phalanxar charges up a ball of red energy, then releases it to cause the ground below him to burst into flames over a large radius, burning targets within. Run back while he charges up the attack



Notes & Trivia

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