The Fallen Hero

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Location Fire Realm
Rewards +1 Skill Point
5 Valorplate Core
10 Dragonsteel
2 Orb of Eternity

The Fallen Hero is a Boss  in GodfallThe Fallen Hero can be found at Fire Realm upon acquiring the Fire & Darkness DLC. He is encountered when orin is tasked to defeat the Moirax during The Keeper of the Night Quest.


The Fallen Hero Description

♦ When Moirax was born, Alaz was ruined.  What was left of his broken mind took residence in the one known only as the Fallen Hero. Though the Fallen Hero primarily serves a a body guard for the Black Flame, he bears a deep hatred for all Valorians because they remind him of what he once was.


The Fallen Hero Information

♦ Parry a perilous strike to Disarm the Fallen Hero. Once disarmed, striking his weakpoints in special sequence will disable him or a significant period of time.

♦ All three of the Moirax will intensify if any single one falls below 40% health. Try to damage them evenly.


The Fallen Hero Locations & Drops

  • The Fallen Hero can be found at Fire Realm during The Keeper of the Night Boss Mission.


How to Beat The Fallen Hero

The Fallen Hero Boss Guide:

This boss fight coincides with the other Moirax found in The Keeper of the Night. They will be encountered simultaneously so try to focus on one at a time, but keep their damage balanced as you avoid receiving attacks from all three.The Fallen Hero choice of weapon is his battleaxe, which he uses to slash and hack. Their attack patterns are fairly simple to balance out having to verse all three at the same time. These attacks increase in difficulty and intensity as the fight progresses and they are defeated. The Fallen Hero uses fairy basic melee attacks that range from side slashing, uppercut and forward slashing and stabbing. As the dight progresses, he can lunge forward as he performs these attacks, and his uppercut appears to be coupled with an energy attack that could damage within the indicated range. These attacks intensify furhter as his movements gains speed and he manages to reposition much more quickly to accompany his attacks. There are easily avoided as they don't affect a large range. Use the arena to your advantage, hiding behind tall rocks to focus on one at a time. Balance out your attacks to avoid all three boss attacks from intensifying with only one being damaged. 


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
 Axe Slash Parry/ Block
 Axe energy bolt Avoid
Axe Uppercut  Evade
Axe atab  Parry/ Block 
 Charge Strike Evade



Notes & Trivia

  • Notes and Tips go here.


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