Guardian Kuriakos

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Location Fire Realm
Rewards Weapon x3

Guardian Kuriakos is a Boss  in GodfallGuardian Kuriakos can be found at Fire Realm upon acquiring the Fire & Darkness DLC.


Guardian Kuriakos Description

♦ Guardian Kuriakos was once a noble hero who sought to defeat Mairax but lacked the means. Believing he had no other choice, Kuriakos journeyed in search of a Sanctum who could surely tell him how to defeat the dread Moirax. Unfortunately, Kuriakos swore a pact of allegiance to a Sanctum that was more concerned with self-preservation than Aperion.


Guardian Kuriakos Information

♦  Guardian Kuriakos will ocasionally create a barrier around part of the battlefield. You can enter, but you can't escape until it expires.


Guardian Kuriakos Locations & Drops


How to Beat Guardian Kuriakos

Guardian Kuriakos Boss Guide:

The Guardian relies on his weapon to pummel and smash. Most of his attacks consist of short range melee attacks that are usually stacked back to back with minimal cool down. Players are forced to take the short window between attacks take a few hits before stepping back in preparation for his next attack. Repeat the process until his hp bar is depleted.


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
 Rotating melee attack: He makes two rotations forward  Reposition and attack
 Side swipe melee  Quick evade or block then attack 
 Smash melee attack  Evade 
 Laser beam  Avoid



Notes & Trivia

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      His laser has an affect called darkness that drains your health really fast and seemingly always kills you. Does anyone know if it's survivable?

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