The Black Flame

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Location Fire Realm
Rewards +1 Skill Point
5 Valorplate Core
10 Dragonsteel
2 Orb of Eternity

The Black Flame is a Boss  in GodfallThe Black Flame can be found at Fire Realm upon acquiring the Fire & Darkness DLC. He is encountered when orin is tasked to defeat the Moirax during The Keeper of the Night Quest.


The Black Flame Description

♦ To most people unfortunate enough to encounter Moriax, the Black Flame is the one that they will have met. However, the Moirax is actually three separate beings who form a kind of triumvirate mind. No single intelligence could possibly use the dark powers they have tapped into without consequence and it seems that the price for their power is that they have to share it. As the leader of the three and the most rational, the Black Flame is the one who travels Aperion, looking for the obscure and arcane ingredients to continue their dread work.


The Black Flame Information

♦ Parry a perilous strike to Disarm the Black Flame. Once disarmed, striking his weakpoints in a special sequence will disable him for a significant period of time.

♦ All three of the Moirax will intensify if any single one falls below 40% health. Try to damage them evenly.


The Black Flame Locations & Drops

  • The Black Flame can be found at Fire Realm during The Keeper of the Night Boss Mission.


How to Beat The Black Flame

The Black Flame Boss Guide:

This boss fight coincides with the other Moirax found in The Keeper of the Night. They will be encountered simultaneously so try to focus on one at a time, but keep their damage balanced as you avoid receiving attacks from all three. The Black Flame wields his floating orb that he uses once in a while to deal ranged attacked. Their attack patterns are fairly simple to balance out having to verse all three at the same time. These attacks increase in difficulty as the fight progresses and they are defeated.

The Black Flame Boss has an orb under his control that shoots and makes a directional attack and eventually returns to its owner. These starting attacks are easy to avoid as they have a small range. Eventually as the fight progress, he will gain another attack type where multiple orbs can target Orin and repeatedly strike forcing you to block. When he is near, attack normally, as his attacks are not frequent. Make sure to pay attention to the other bosses. Use the arena to your advantage, hiding behind tall rocks to focus on one at a time.

Balance out your attacks to avoid all three boss attacks from intensifying with only one being damaged. 


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
 Orb Strike  Avoid
Multiple targetted orb attacks  Block



Notes & Trivia

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      Don't do it too with the lance guy, he summons 3 shadows spearsmen that just spam literally their dashes, moreover he's not getting stunned after blocking a perilous attack so just ff

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        Here’s a tip on killing him last DONT do it when he is the last standing his orb becomes independent and spams speaks at you while he just goes berserk infinitely rushing at you which hand to hand combat

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