High Lord Makantor

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Location Fireshore
Rewards Restorative Sundrop
Enigmatic Circle

High Lord Makantor is a Boss  in GodfallHigh Lord Makantor can be found at Fireshore upon acquiring the Fire & Darkness DLC.


High Lord Makantor Description

♦ The Crimson Wind hierarchy was established to mimic that of the old Valorian Government. Along with Phalanxar, Makantor served as one of the twelve High Lords responsible for guarding Macros's most treasured holdings. In Makantor's case, he was charged with defending Kragani's lair at all costs. His subsequent possession by the spirits of fire did not change his loyalty or sense of duty. Makantor would defend his ground until Macros shows up to say otherwise.


High Lord Makantor Information

High Lord Makantor's firey bull rush can be used to destroy the platforms around him.

High Lord Makantor changes stances periodically to focus on charging shoulder attacks or sweeping sword attacks. Pay attention to his stance and which weapon is burning in order to predict his attack patterns.

♦ Use High Lord Makantor's charges to your advantage.


High Lord Makantor Locations & Drops

  • High Lord Makantor can be found at Fireshore


How to Beat High Lord Makantor

High Lord Makantor Boss Guide:

High Lord Makantor has a relatively slow, clunky attacks making him easy to rotate around and open opportunities for attacks. His most prominent attacks are his duplication and charge attack. This animation will give players time to prepare to evade as the attack takes a while before executing his wide range directional attack.


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
 Duplication and charge Evade then Attack
 Melee Parry



Notes & Trivia

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