Wraith-Lord Decimus

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Location Alluvial Plains
Rewards Random Drops

Wraith-Lord Decimus is a Boss  in GodfallWraith-Lord Decimus is an undead warlord who strikes his foes down with his destructive battle axe along side his handy wraith guards. Wraith-Lord Decimus can be found at the Alluvial Plains.


Wraith-Lord Decimus Information

♦ Decimus is a minor deity of the spirit realm who manifests itself in the real world and attacks physical begins with an enthusiastic hatred. Decimus owes loyalty only to its summoner and even then, that loyalty is tenuous at best. When Decimus is threatened by an opponent of sufficient power, it will summon Ironblood Wraiths to aid it in battle.


Wraith-Lord Decimus Locations & Drops


How to Beat Wraith-Lord Decimus

Wraith-Lord Decimus Boss Guide:

Wraith-Lord Decimus is an undead warlord capable of executing devastating strikes, but is bulky in movement due to the heavy armor that he wears and weighty battle axe that he wields. He can perform an array of powerful attacks that covers from melee to mid-range in one swift motion, however the setback is that these big slashing attacks costs time to wind up and release. To abuse this weakness, the overall strategy is to beat Decimus with speed and agility by timing your strikes. For this, it would be best to wield the double daggers, so that you can leap in with flurries of acrobatic spinning slashes while Decimus is winding up his strikes. Once he is about to strike, evade backwards for him to completely miss, then simply lunge back in to land more attack combos.

It is no surprise that he is known as the Wraith-Lord, as he will greet you in battle summoning his two wraith guards. As they merely attack occasionally and tend to stay close to their master, they do not pose huge threats, but are best prioritized as targets to be taken down first, in order to get their extra damage out of the way. Watch out for Decimus' hard-hitting slashes while you are chasing after his soldiers, as they like to clump together in a group. Bare in mind that after a short period of time, guards that are eliminated will be resummoned, so they need to be eliminated repeatedly throughout the fight.

After his henchmen materialize, Decimus will charge up his battle axe, then grasp it with both hands as he swings and spins towards you, damage everything in his path. Take note of the pre-cast just before the attack, as his axe will glow purple. You may either evade, run out of range, or parry this strike. Once he completes this move, charge in and land a flurry of spinning strikes to deal a good chunk of damage on the Wraith-Lord. He will also execute his Power and Perilous attacks, where he will first glow red before moving towards you for a devastating slash, then again after he glows blue. Watch out for these hints and evade accordingly, and bare in mind that his power slash is unblockable. Once he completes this combo, lunge in again and get another combo of slashes off. If Decimus ever finds himself distanced from you, he will raise his battle axe and slam it onto the ground to cause the ground to erupt in two purple trails of wraith energy. An attack with ample time for you to notice, simply stay away from the purple trails to avoid it. Repeat the hide-and-seek strategy as you time your frenzy of attacks for when Decimus winds-up his strikes, which should allow you to chunk down his health to achieve eventual victory.


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Summon Wraith Guards: Decimus summons two wraith guards to fight by his side. Eliminated guards can be resummoned after a period of time Take them down with attack combos.
Spiral of Death: Decimus holds out his battle axe with both hands and spins towards his target, dealing damage along the path. Run out of range or evade until the move is complete; jump in with attacks afterwards.
Dash Swing Attack: Decimus glows red before dashing a short distance forward to swing his axe at his foe. He will then follow up with another swing after glowing blue. Evade this move as it is unblocakble.
Ethereal Eruption: Decimus slams his battle axe onto the ground, dealing damage in melee and sending out two ethereal shockwave trails that track the target, converging together as it deals damage. Run along the radius of the arena continuously; Evade



Notes & Trivia

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