Izzel's Sable Longsword

Primal Legendary Longsword


♦ Shortly after you hit a Weakpoint, a burst of energy deals X Void damage to all enemies in the area.


♦ Three Randomized Secondary Effects

Izzel's Sable Longsword is a Longsword in GodfallLongswords are the standard and most common sword wielded by the Valorian Knights. All Weapons in Godfall have randomized Damage types which can vary between Earth, Fire, Physical, Void, and Water.


Izzel was a low ranking Valorian functioanry who never tested well enough to earn her own suit of Valorplate. However, during the battle at Brittle Rain, she bravely rushed forward and struck the Archo Moebius with a nearby fallen sword.

It proved to be enough of a distraction that the floundering knights were able to defeat the Archon. In recognition for her bravery, the sword that Izzel used was reforged with new enchantments.


Izzel's Sable Longsword Techniques 

Each Longsword Weapon Technique charges independently over time and whenever you hit Enemies.

  • Northern Technique - Spectral Flurry: Eviscerate a single enemy with a series of damaging cuts.
  • Southern Technique - Spiral Technique: Slide forward and perform a powerful slash against all Enemies in your path. At the end of the weapon technique, a follow-up attack can be performed to damage nearby Enemies if Timing Attacks are unlocked on the Skill Grid.


Izzel's Sable Longsword Location 

  • All Weapons can be acquired as random loot from Enemies, Quests, and Mission Rewards.


Izzel's Sable Longsword Notes & Tips

  • Weakpoint: Vulnerable spot on the enemy that is revealed after they attack.


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