Northern Technique


Northern Technique is an attack in Godfall. Northern Technique can be executed thanks to the Weapon Techniques Skill. It allows you to be able to perform both the Northern Technique and the Southern Technique of the equipped Weapon. Once you learn the skill you learn both techniques and also you can are capable of use them in any of the five Weapon types available.


Northern Technique Information


How to execute Northern Technique

To perform the Northern Technique you have to: 

  • Press E + Right Mouse click (PC)
  • Hold L2 and press R2 (PS5)
  • Hold LT and press RT (Xbox)

There are four bars above your Weapon that slowly fill while you engage in combat. Attacking, performing parries, blocking and taking damage, fills the bar.

Northern Techniques by weapon type


Northern Technique

Dual Blades
Inner Focus: You enter Inner Focus, granting you a damage bonus for a short time. Activating Inner Focus when more than one segment of the charge bar is highlighted will yield higher damage bonuses for each additional segment.
Whirlwind: Launch yourself forward and spin your Greatsword to attack nearby Enemies multiple times.
Spectral Flurry: Eviscerate a single enemy with a series of damaging cuts.
Polearm Slam: Leap into the air and slam the ground dealing damage to nearby Enemies.
Concussive Smash: Slam your Warhammer into the ground to deal damage to nearby Enemies and stunning them briefly.


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