Southern Technique


Southern Technique is an attack in Godfall. Southern Technique can be executed thanks to the Weapon Techniques Skill. It allows you to be able to perform both the Southern Technique and the Northern Technique of the equipped Weapon. Once you learn the skill you learn both techniques and also you can are capable of use them in any of the five Weapon types available.


Southern Technique Information


How to execute Southern Technique

To perform the Southern Technique you have to: 

  • Press E + Left Mouse click (PC)
  • Hold L2 and press R1 (PS5)
  • Hold LT and press RB (Xbox)

There are four bars above your Weapon that slowly fill while you engage in combat. Attacking, performing parries, blocking and taking damage, fill the bar.

Southern Techniques by weapon type


Southern Technique

Dual Blades
Mortal Coil: Throw your off-hand blade and pull the enemy towards you. If it strikes a boss, you are pulled towards the boss instead. This technique does not consume any of your Inner Focus charge bar.
Great Throw: Throw your Greatsword to deal damage to Enemies in its path. A well-timed throw may also hit Enemies as the Greatsword returns to you.
Spiral Technique: Slide forward and perform a powerful slash against all Enemies in your path. At the end of the weapon technique, a follow-up attack can be performed to damage nearby Enemies if Timing Attacks are unlocked on the Skill Grid.
Javelin Throw: Throw your Polearm to deal damage and Blind a single target, stunning them briefly.
Unstoppable Force: Slam your Warhammer into the ground to deal damage to Enemies in a straight line.


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