The Silver Moon

Type boss_mission_godfall_wiki_guide_38pxBoss 
Location Cobalt Caldera, Water Realm
Prerequisite The Black Tide
Next Quest Up to the Azure Enclave
Reward icon_rewards_godfall_wiki_guide_30px1+1 Skill Point
icon_rewards_godfall_wiki_guide_30px15 Valorplate Core
icon_rewards_godfall_wiki_guide_30px15 Dragonsteel
icon_rewards_godfall_wiki_guide_30px140 Crystalline Tear

The Silver Moon is a Quest in Godfall. The Silver Moon is the ninth Story Quest of the game and tasks the player to defeat Lunara. Quests in Godfall need to be completed in order to progress the story forward. They also reward you with XP, Resources or loot once completed.


The Silver Moon Description

You've gathered enough Sigils and you've cleared all of the obstacles. Ready your gear. Steel yourself. It's time for you to face Lunara, Guardian Avatar of the Silver Moon.


The Silver Moon Objectives

  • Enter the Caldera Depths and defeat Lunara to gain access to the Air Realm.
  • Defeat Lunara
  • Return to the Sanctum


The Silver Moon Rewards


The Silver Moon Notes

  • Notes, Tips, and Trivia



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