First of the Godsmiths

Type boss_mission_godfall_wiki_guide_38pxBoss 
Location Air Realm
Prerequisite Floating Remnant (Quest)
Next Quest Trial of the Crucible
Reward icon_rewards_godfall_wiki_guide_30px1+1 Skill Point
icon_rewards_godfall_wiki_guide_30px110 Dragonsteel
icon_rewards_godfall_wiki_guide_30px1100 Sunsteel

First of the Godsmiths is a Quest in Godfall. First of the Godsmiths is the thirteenth Story Quest of the game and tasks the player to face and defeat Grieves Sunsteel in his lair. Quests in Godfall need to be completed in order to progress the story forward. They also reward you with XP, Resources or loot once completed.


First of the Godsmiths Description

You've gathered enough Sigils. It is time to face Grieves Sunsteel, Macros' personal godsmith. Grieves is a man without honor, someone who has committed countless atrocities. He is down in his forge, making new weapons for Macros. You must face Grieves in his lair and put an end to him once and for all.


First of the Godsmiths Objectives


First of the Godsmiths Rewards


First of the Godsmiths Notes

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