Type boss_mission_godfall_wiki_guide_38pxBoss 
Location Central Tower, Air Realm
Prerequisite The Final Ascent
Next Quest New Game Plus
Reward icon_rewards_godfall_wiki_guide_30px1+2 Skill Points
icon_rewards_godfall_wiki_guide_30px15 Valorplate Core
icon_rewards_godfall_wiki_guide_30px110 Dragonsteel
icon_rewards_godfall_wiki_guide_30px12 Orb of Oblivion

Godfall is a Quest in Godfall. Godfall is the final Story Quest of the game and tasks the player to confront and defeat Macros, your brother. Quests in Godfall need to be completed in order to progress the story forward. They also reward you with XP, Resources or loot once completed.


Godfall Description

We made it, Orin. We are outside the Throne Room. Macros waits for you on the other side. This will be the most difficult fight of your life. Do what you need to do to prepare because this is it.

I will unravel the remaining enchantments from Rites of Acension. Once I break the rites, Macros will be vulnerable to harm. The rest is up to you. You will get that second duel you've been waiting for. Just make it count.


Godfall Objectives


Godfall Rewards


Godfall Notes

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