The Godsmith

the godsmith quests godfall wiki guide
Type story mission godfall wiki guide 35px1Story Mission
Location earth realm icon godfall wiki guide Crimson Glades
Prerequisite Into the Monolith
Next Quest Alluvial Plains
Reward icon rewards godfall wiki guide 30px11 Earth Sigil
icon rewards godfall wiki guide 30px1 20 Sunsteel

The Godsmith is a Quest in Godfall. The Godsmith  is the third Story Mission of the game and tasks the player to rescue a captive godsmith from a Vargul stronghold.. Quests in Godfall need to be completed in order to progress the story forward. They also reward you with XP, Resources or loot once completed.


The Godsmith Description

You are strong, Orin, but not strong enough to defeat Macros and all of his men. You must train. I've found a man who can help. He is a godsmith of seom renown who can help you craft and upgrade your gear.

The Vargul are holding him captive on the other side of the Crimson Glades. Head to the Vargul Stronghold, breach their defenses, and rescue this godsmith.


The Godsmith Objectives

♦ I've located a godsmith being held captive by the Vargul. He can help us upgrade your equipment.

  • Totems destroyed 0/3
  • Reach the Vargul Stronghold.
  • Head to Prismatic Pools.
  • Charge the Sealbreaker
  • Break the stronghold Seal.
  • Search for your ally.
  • Survive the Vargul Attack.
  • Continue the search for your ally.
  • Defeat Vargul Champion.
  • Meet the Godsmith at the Twilight Beacon.
  • Talk to Zenun Earthminder


The Godsmith Bonus Objectives

  • Additional Totems Destroyed 0/2
  • Activate Twilight Beacon (After rescuing Zenun)
  • Use Spirit Vision to reveal hidden objectives 0/3


The Godsmith Rewards

icon rewards godfall wiki guide 30px11 Earth Sigil
icon rewards godfall wiki guide 30px1 20 Sunsteel


The Godsmith Notes

  • Notes, Tips, and Trivia



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