Inferno Plateau

Realm Fire Realm

Inferno Plateau is one of the Locations in Godfall. Inferno Plateau is located in the Fire Realm, which is part of the endgame content only available with the Fire & Darkness Expansion. Other realms available in God fall include The Earth RealmWater Realm, and the Air Realm, that are part of the main game experience. Players will encounter different Enemies, Bosses, and NPCs in each location. Dreamstones can be unlocked once the main story has been completed. Players travel to this location when the Seventh Sanctum sends Orin to see help protect Zenun's Apprentice and his device that could help against Moirax. Plenty of Flameblood popular this area.


Inferno Plateau Related Quests


Enemies and Bosses in Inferno Plateau


Inferno Plateau Notes & Trivia

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