Flameblood Abomination

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Locations Inferno Plateau

Flameblood Abomination is an Enemy in GodfallFlameblood Abomination will be first encountered in the Fire Realm upon acquiring the Fire & Darkness DLC. Players can confront Enemies to obtain Experience points, loot and Resources


Flameblood Abomination Description

  • Flameblood Abominations form when enough Flameblood warriors gather in one place. The abomination becomes a sort of sentral mind that directs the other Flameblood according to whatever goal the swarm of fire desires. Various would be conquerors have exploited this fact over the millenia to manipulate large swarms of Flameblood to do their bidding. This might work for a time, but fire is ever fickle.


Flameblood Abomination Combat Information

  • The Abomination's Flame Wave attack should be blocked with your shield.
  • The Abomination will leave behind treacherous lava pools if a small Flamebloods minion collide with them.


Flameblood Abomination Location


Flameblood Abomination Notes & Tips

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