Tower of Trials

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Tower of Trials is one of the Locations in Godfall. Players will encounter different Enemies, Bosses, in each floor. The Tower of Trials in particular is designed to challenge players on its many levels. Tower of Trials are endgame content where u go through gauntlets til u reach the top. It will require Coin of Valor to unlock and will have a set of difficulties to choose from upon entry. The elevator will take you through the different trials.


The Central Tower is not merely a means of traversing the four realms. It is also a place where a warrior is tested by the very essensce of magic. The Monolith will push you to the brink of your ability abd break you if you are not careful. However, it is said that. true knight, one who is able to pass these trials, could unlock the power of the Archons. 



Tower of Trials Information

The Tower of Trials is designed to challenge players on its many levels. Each round will give a player a different objective as the elevator takes players through the different rounds and levels. This will cost 5 Coin of Valor per entry. Before beginning the trials, Players may choose their own difficulty. During these trials the objectives will appear on the screen, and the trial number can be found on the top left. Various Enemies will spawn. Complete the objectives to progress to the next trial. This will continue until the objective can no longer be fulfilled after 3 lives. Quickly defeat the enemies that appear to obtain more keys. These will be needed to open a door. The door symbols determine the type of loot players will receive, while the color of the symbol determines there rarity. Enter the door according to the preferred loot. The specific loot will still be randomized.



Entry Information

  • Tower of Trials Cost (lvl 15-49): 5 Coin of Valor 
  • Ascended Tower of  Trials Cost (lvl 50+): 20 Coin of Valor 
  • Lives: 3

Tower of Trial Objective Room Types

  • Elevator
  • Elevator midboss
  • Normal Trial Room
  • Midboss Trial
  • Protect the zones (crystals)
  • Fight three zones of enemies
  • Boss trial
  • Surivial Trial: Defeat all Enemies
  • Time Trial: Defeat all Enemies


Tower of Trial Doors


Chest Key Requirements

  • Green: 3
  • Blue: 5
  • Purple: 7
  • Orange: 10

Other Rooms

  • Boons (Might, Spirit, Vitality) - Divination buff through the Trials.
  • Room of Chests - Chest according to color rarity with no Enemies
  • Room of Keys - Defeat the enemies in the room as fast as possible for a chance at obtaining more keys


Tower of Trials Rewards & Loot

  • Enter the Door in accordance to your preferred loot. The color represents their rarity, and the symbol represents their type. Received loot within these categories are still randomized.
  • After clearing a trial, players can open the chests left in the area contain loot.
  • Players will also have the option to open additional chests with the Keys they have obtained.



Enemies and Bosses in Tower of Trials

  • All Enemies (Regular and Elite),  mini-bosses


Tower of Trials Notes & Trivia

  • ???
  • Notes, Tips, and Trivia Go Here


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      If we die in the ascended tower after all lives are lost can we go back and continue on the floor we left on or do we have to restart from the floor 1?

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