Falcius Diarch

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Locations Cobalt Caldera

Falcius Diarch is an Enemy in GodfallFalcius Diarch is part of the Construct family and can be found within the Water Realm. Players can confront Enemies to obtain Experience points, loot and Resources


Falcius Diarch  Description

  • Building on the earlier work of Methra Grimglaive, Grieves Sunsteel sought to make automaton warriors who could match the fighting prowess of a true Valorian Knight. To that end, he took the shackled spirits of the last Lords of Dawn and Dusk and entombed them within the cold iron frames of Falcius warriors. Now the Falcius Diarchs wordlessly serve the will of Macros, ignorant of who they once were.
  • Falcius Diarch can channel a powerful healing ritual when they've weakened. However, this ritual shatters nearly all their remaining health, making them extremely vulnerable to Soulshatter attacks while they are channeling.


Falcius Diarch Location


Falcius Diarch Notes & Tips

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