Plague Pennant

Primal Rare Banner

Primary (Banner Aura)

♦ +X% Ailment power. +X% damage for each type of Ailment on the enemy.

Secondary (Banner Aura)

♦ Three randomized secondary effects

Plague Pennant is a Banner in Godfall. Banners can be places to grant short term enhancements and other beneficial traits to the player and their nearby allies.  A Banner will only grant their benefits to you and your allies while they are within the banner's area of effect. You can only equip one Banner at a time.


This banner was originally carrird by the latterborn conscripts pressed into service by the Valorians. The unflattering moniker 'plague banner' was coined by arrogant Valorians who saw them as a mere fodder.


Plague Pennant Use

Press V on PC or dpad_up__button_controls_godfall_wiki_guide_128px on PS5 to place your Banner and create a Banner Aura. While within a Banner Aura's area of effect, you and your allies gain the following:

  • Additional Overhealth every second.
  • The Primary and Secondary traits of the Banner.


Plague Pennant Location 


Plague Pennant Notes & Tips

    • Notes and tips go here.





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