Amulet of the Betrayer

Legendary Amulet


♦ If you would be reduced to 0 Health, instead remain at 1 Health and become Invulnerable for 5 seconds (Cooldown: 10 minutes).


♦ Three randomized secondary effects.

Amulet of the Betrayer is an Amulet in Godfall. Amulets increase one of the three main Stats (Might, Spirit or Vitality). The player can only equip one Amulet at a time.


An amulet with the ruined face and mane of a powerful hunting beast. Though it is unclear who defaced the crest on this amulet, it is obvious it was treasured long after the fact.


Amulet of the Betrayer Location 


Amulet of the Betrayer Notes & Tips

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