Mesa's Banderole

Epic Banner

Primary (Banner Aura)

♦ +% Critical Hit chance
♦ +% Critical Hit Damage

Secondary (Banner Aura)

♦ Two randomized secondary effects.

Mesa's Banderole is a Banner in Godfall. Banners can be places to grant short term enhancements and other beneficial traits to the player and their nearby allies.  A Banner will only grant their benefits to you and your allies while they are within the banner's area of effect. You can only equip one Banner at a time.


After the Archon Mes's godfall, the victorius knights brought her fallen flag back. Godsmith Zenun Earthminder was able to weave enough Aethereium into the banner to make some of Mesa's lingering power.


Mesa's Banderole Use

Press V on PC or dpad_up__button_controls_godfall_wiki_guide_128px on PS5 to place your Banner and create a Banner Aura. While within a Banner Aura's area of effect, you and your allies gain the following:

  • Additional Overhealth every second.
  • The Primary and Secondary traits of the Banner.


Mesa's Banderole Location 


Mesa's Banderole Notes & Tips

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    • Can be upgraded for
    • Can be enchanted for
    • Can be salvaged for





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