Factions in Godfall are the different Tribes and classes of people and creatures found across the Realms. As players explore the various locations, they may encounter different Enemies from these different factions. Each faction would usually have a unique characteristic or would reside in one particular realm. Below is a list of all the factions you may come across and a brief backstory description on each group. More details can be found on the Godfall Lore page. For a list of enemies from these factions, visit the Enemies page here.


Godfall Factions

Vargul Tribes

The Vargul are a deeply social people who value the tribe over the self. Led by fierce matrons and affected by the Aetherium in the deep earth, they defend their territory with suicidal bravery. Individual Vargul are passionate and creative, but they typically turn those energies to the tribe and the great work. The Vargul see Valorians as corrupt angels who have squandered their gifts, undeserving of their place in the world, and the divine pattern of Slab History.


Abyssian Host

The Abyssians are selfish predators who respect power and ambition above all. Born in a state of permanent grace, they believe themselves unable to sin. Abyssian leaders hold their followers in a state of tonic thrall, commanding not just their actions but their physical growth into a wild diversity of forms. Most follow the One Sea doctrine, which grants the Abyssians absolute dominion over all salt water, including the blood in living veins. To devour the souls of their prey is to grant them sacred purpose.


Nyak Kindred

The Nyak Kindred are a primordial people known for their clear understanding of body and soul. They are a people of deep faith and many cultures. The Nyak religion involves the worship of weather and atmospheric scrying. Their understanding of the spirit allows some Nyak to temporarily transcend their physical limitations. As the last race to be created by the Archons, the Nyak are closer to Valorians than any of the other races of the Tetrarchy. Despite this connection, the Valorians still drove them to their mountain tops during the various wars. And though they do not all agree on what the future holds, they wait patiently for a time where it is the Nyak's turn to own creation.


Crimson Wind

The Crimson Wind were originally a Valorian garrison force. They believed in adhering to a strict code of conduct where their personal allegiance to the highest power in the land was paramount. Thus it came as very little surprise when they sided with Macros when he took over. Since then, Macros has used the Crimson Wind to defend his archives and treasuries. This is a duty that holds very little glory, but they carry it out faithfully, none-the-less.


Black Tide

The Black Tide serve as the hand of Macros, his personal forces. They execute the will of their god and master across Aperion and all Valorians know to fear these black clad warriors. Though they do not wear Valorplate, they pride themselves on their highly developed combat skills. Their martial tradition relies on devious attacks, teamwork, and cunning rather that the blunt force of your typical knight. To demonstrate their fanatical loyalty, every Black Tide warrior binds themselves to Macros by spilling a drop of their own magically blackened blood as an oath of loyalty to their dark master.



Kraven are the physical embodiment of Kosmera's hunger. These monstrosities are found all over Aperion attempting to scrounge bits of Aetherium to sate their endless cravings. As they consume more and more Aetherium, their adaptive bodies will take on various elemental traits relative to their habitat.



Despite the power of their armies, the Valorians were never the most populous people. They needed a solution to address issues like manual labor or sentry duty. The ancient godsmiths devised a way to create automatons that could fulfill rote tasks that even the lowest of the Valorians did not wish to do. Over time, the constructs they made became more and more elaborate, culminating in the creation of Solaris and Lunara, the twin avatars of the Sun and Moon, respectively.


Corrupt Valorians

Those traitor Valorians who follow Macros often attempt to enhance themselves by absorbing or ingesting large quantities of Aetherium. Though many do not survive the process, those who do swell in size and gain a variety of powers. Those who do not survive are often used in Grieves Sunsteel's creations, where he traps their Aetherium rich souls in new weapons and artifacts of power.

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