Zenun's Apprentice

Type story_mission_godfall_wiki_guide_35px1Story Mission
Location Inferno Plateau
Prerequisite The Flameblood
Next Quest The Monolith's Depths
Reward icon_rewards_godfall_wiki_guide_30px13 Coin of Valor
icon_rewards_godfall_wiki_guide_30px11 Rare Amulets

Zenun's Apprentice is a Quest in Godfall. Zenun's Apprentice is the second Story Quest of the game and tasks the player to protect Zenun's Apprentic and his device and push back the Darkness. Quests in Godfall need to be completed in order to progress the story forward. They also reward you with XP, Resources or loot once completed. The Fire Realm and its Quests are unlocked with the Fire & Darkness Expansion.


Zenun's Apprentice Description

You must stem the tide of Darkness suffocating the Fire Realm before anything else. I've sent Zenun's apprentice to begin work on a device that could help us against Moirax. Secure the Inferno Plateau and push back the Darkness. 

Zenun's Apprentice and his device must be protected. Push back the Darkness.


Zenun's Apprentice Objectives

  • Talk to Ravenna
  • Investigate lower level
  • Defeat the Leaders
  • Talk to Ravenna
  • Area cleared (0/2)
  • Head to the surface
  • Talk to Zenun's Apprentice
  • Defeat all enemies
  • Approach the device
  • Talk to Valorian Captain
  • Eliminate the Dark Presence
  • Activate the Dark Tear
  • Defeat all enemies to seal the Dark Tear
  • Talk to Saba
  • Head to the tower
  • Defeat Flameblood Abomination


Zenun's Apprentice Rewards

icon_rewards_godfall_wiki_guide_30px1Coin of Valor
icon_rewards_godfall_wiki_guide_30px11 Rare Amulets


Zenun's Apprentice Notes

  • Notes and Tips go here.



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