Weapon Timing

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Skill Point Cost

Weapon Timing is a Skill in Godfall. Weapon Timing is a Skill that allows you after weapon attacks to unleash a Weapon Timing Attack. Skills in Godfall may grant new active or passive abilities. Each Skill can be upgraded up to five times. Each upgrade costs 1 skill point.


Weapon Timing Description

At its first level this Skill allows the player to unleash a Weapon Timing Attack after weapon attacks. Subsequent upgrades allow the player to perform a Heavy Timing Attack, a Shield Uppercut timing attack, Gain a timing windows after you Parry an enemy and increase Timing Attack damage.


Weapon Timing Upgrades


Level 1 Properly time after weapon attacks to unleash a Weapon Timing Attack
Level 2 During a timing window, press right mouse button to perform a Heavy Timing Attack. If Rampage is active, this attack will consume Rampage and deal +500% damage.
Level 3 During a timing windows press Q to perform a Shield Uppercut timing attack. If your Shield is primed, the uppercut deals +100% damage and returns your Shield to normal.
Level 4 Gain a timing windows after you Parry an enemy. Press Q to perform a countering Shield Counterstrike that deals a wave of Breach damage in front of you. 
Level 5 +10% Timing Attack damage.



Weapon Timing Notes

  • Notes on this skill go here



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