Legendary Warhammer


♦ Whenever you Soulshatter an enemy with your Southern Technique, shoot up to X projectiles that each deal X Void damage to an enemy.


♦ Three Randomized Secondary Effects

Voidstrike is a Warhammer in Godfall. Warhammers are colossal Weapons that can smash the ground to deal damage. All Weapons in Godfall have randomized Damage types which can vary between Earth, Fire, Physical, Void, and Water.


When the last Archon was cast back into Kosmera's dream, it left a scar on reality where massive torrents of void energy pour into Aperion. The Valorians would eventually seal the scar, but not before the minerals of the region had absorbed enough void energy to change their very nature. It should come as no surprise that the godsmiths would use this metal to forge powerful weapons. This hammer represents the relentless power of the Archons.


Voidstrike Techniques

Warhammers have two charge bars that fill gradually over time and whenever you hit Enemies. Activating a Warhammer Weapon Technique will consume one charge bar.

  • Northern Technique - Concussive Smash: Slam your Warhammer into the ground to deal damage to nearby Enemies and stunning them briefly.
  • Southern Technique - Unstoppable Force: Slam your Warhammer into the ground to deal damage to Enemies in a straight line.


Voidstrike Location 

  • All Weapons can be acquired as random loot from Enemies, Quests, and Mission Rewards.


Voidstrike Notes & Tips

  • Soulshatter: Defeat an enemy by dealing Soulshatter Damage.


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