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Spirit is a Stat in Godfall. Stats are the numeric measurable values that determine a players effectiveness in combat in different aspects. These could be improved with different AugmentsItems, and Accessories that are collected and obtained as players progress in the game. Valorplates may also vary in Stats. See also: Spirit (Augment)


Improves your Life Stone Recovery and your Ability Damage.
Increases your ability damage, including damage done by Weapon Techniques, Shield Abilities, and Polarity Attacks. Spirit also increases the amount of Health recovered by Life Stones, and increases Overhealth granted by Banners.


Spirit Information

  • % Life Stone Recovery and your Ability Damage.


How to increase Spirit 

  • Equip specific gear to affect spirit
  • Blue Augments resonate specifically with Spirit


Spirit Notes & Tips

  • Notes and tips go here.
  • Augments can not be enchanted. 




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