Sormac's Fang

Legendary Polearm


♦ Whenever you perform your Southern Technique summon a Lightning Spirit that shoots electric bolts at nearby enemies. Electric Bolts deal X Air damage. (Cooldown: X seconds)


♦ Three Randomized Secondary Effects

Sormac's Fang is a Polearm in Godfall. Polearms are two-handed Weapons that provide good reach. All Weapons in Godfall have randomized damage types which can vary between Earth, Fire, Physical, Void, and Water.


Godsmith Nieram Morsbranch created this masterwork by coating a single spine from the god-beast Ur'zalatha with purest sunsteel. With additional layered enchantments, this polearm is capable of piercing even the hardest materials.


Sormac's Fang Techniques


Sormac's Fang Location 


Sormac's Fang Notes & Tips

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