Shield Prime

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Skill Point Cost

Shield Prime is a Skill in Godfall. Shield Prime is a Skill that __description__. Skills in Godfall may grant new active or passive abilities. Each Skill can be upgraded up to five times. Each upgrade costs 1 skill point.


Shield Prime Description



Shield Prime Upgrades


Level 1 Parry or Block to charge your Shield. When fully charged, your Shield becomes Primed for 40 seconds. Parry enemies while Primed to reflect 25% of the incoming damage at enemies in front of you.
Level 2 Primed state lasts an additional 20 seconds, charges 25% faster, and reflects 50% of Incoming damage
Level 3 Hold Q + left mouse button then release to perform a Charge Shield Throw. If your Shield is Primed, the throw deals +100% damage and returns your Shield to normal.
Level 4 If your Shield is Primed, press Q after performing a Petrifying Slam to perform a follow up Primed Petrifying Slam and return your Shield to normal.
Level 5 Press Q + Shift to Prime your Shield.



Shield Prime Notes

Your Shield is a key part of your arsenal. It has powerful defensive and offensive applications.

  • Block enemy attacks with your Shield to prevent incoming damage.
  • Parry enemy attacks by properly timing your Block to prevent incoming damage and briefly stagger nearby enemies. Parries can also reflect projectiles.
  • Perform a Shield Throw to throw your Shield and hit enemies at range. Shield Throw uses all of your Shield charge.
  • Perform a Petrifying Slam to deal damage to nearby enemies and petrify enemies Breached by the attack. Petrifying Slam uses all of your Shield charge.
  • Shield Bash damages an enemy and knocks it down. 
  • Spinning Blast damages an enemy and can interrupt Red Power Attacks. If your Shield is Primed, this attack will petrify Breached enemies and return your Shield to normal.



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