Orb of Oblivion

Crafting Resource

Item Type Crafting Resource

Orb of Oblivion is a Resource item in Godfall. Resources are essential items that can be used at the Forge to upgrade and enchant your items. Gather Resources by defeating Enemies, searching fallen soldiers, and gathering from Motherlodes. You can also gain Resources by salvaging Equipment that you will no longer use.


Pure Aetherium Orbs serve as a kind of magical battery. The Orb of Oblivion holds Aetherium meant for the removal and trimming of old things. As parts and items wear down, they are destroyed or repurposed to make way for better and longer lasting works.


Where to Find Orb of Oblivion

  • These Orbs are only found within Dreamstone missions.


Orb of Oblivion Notes & Tips

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