Leviathan's Rest

Type story_mission_godfall_wiki_guide_35px1Story Mission
Location Leviathan's Rest, Water Realm
Prerequisite The Tormentor's Asylum
Next Quest The Black Tide
Reward icon_rewards_godfall_wiki_guide_30px1+1 Skill Point
icon_rewards_godfall_wiki_guide_30px14 Water Sigil
icon_rewards_godfall_wiki_guide_30px13 Coin of Valor
icon_rewards_godfall_wiki_guide_30px11 Rare Life Stone

Leviathan's Rest is a Quest in Godfall. Leviathan's Rest is the seventh Story Quest of the game and tasks the player to collect a number of Water Sigil in order to open the shelter where Lunara is adn to weaken their defenses. Quests in Godfall need to be completed in order to progress the story forward. They also reward you with XP, Resources or loot once completed.


Leviathan's Rest Description

Lunara's shelter no longer has the protection of Macros' magical barrier. But it is locked. To open it, you will need to gather more realm Sigils. Head out and earn the Sigils by completing Hunt missions.


Leviathan's Rest Objectives

  • The Abyssians are keeping a stockpile of Valorian artifacts at the Shrine of the Deep Ones in Leviathan's Rest. Let's take this opportunity to weaken our enemies and build up our arsenal.
  • Head to Leviathan's Rest
  • Defeat Abyssian Defenders
  • Head to the Twilight Beacon
  • Activate the Twilight Beacon
  • Defeat the first Abyssian Leader
  • Defeat the next Abyssian Leader
  • Defeat the final Abyssian Leader
  • Defeat all enemies
  • Retrieve the Valorian cache


Leviathan's Rest Rewards


Leviathan's Rest Notes

  • Notes, Tips, and Trivia



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